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Electron microscopy facilities

The facility houses four electron microscopes, a comprehensive preparation laboratory which includes a range of specialised sample preparation equipment, digital imaging facilities and a suite of computer workstations for image processing.

It is staffed by three Senior Experimental Officers and an experienced technician.

The facility is actively involved in a wide range of research topics across the Faculty and in the past few years has contributed to significant number of scientific publications in high profile biological journals, including publications where electron microscopy staff members are authors.

Electron microscopy staff are available to train and assist both staff and students in all aspects of electron microscopy and is involved in the promotion of electron microscopy to schools and colleges.


  • FEI Polara 300kV FEG transmission cryo electron microscope with direct detector Gatan K2 Summit camera.
  • FEI Tecnai12 BioTwin transmission electron microscope.
  • FEI Tecnai12 Twin transmission electron microscope with STEM module.
  • Quanta 250 FEG scanning electron microscope with Gatan 3View attachment for serial block face imaging.
  • Leica EMpact and Baltec  high pressure freezing equipment.
  • Reichert Jung Ultramicrotomes and Leica Cryo Ultramicrotomes.
  • Miscellaneous TEM, cryo TEM and SEM sample preparation equipment.
  • Computer station with Wacom tracing pad for 3D rendering.
  • Linux workstations for single particle analysis.


Techniques routinely available in the facility include embedding, sectioning and staining, negative staining, immuno-labelling and cryo-preparations.

Additionally, the facility has expertise in the specialist techniques of cryo-sectioning, quantitative STEM mass mapping, single particle image analysis, and 3D reconstruction using electron tomography or serial sections.


Dr Aleksandr Mironov, Senior Experimental Officer
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 5645