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Resources for teachers

We have several resources for teachers and careers advisers who want to encourage school pupils to take an interest in higher education and careers in biology, medicine and health.

Unwrapped: Manchester Mummy 1770

Leading you through the study of an ancient Egyptian mummy, from the early days of the Manchester Mummy Project to the research still being carried out over 40 years later. Learn about the life of Manchester Mummy 1770, what different study methods tell us about ancient populations and how we are still learning from Mummy 1770 today.

Visit: Unwrapped: Manchester Mummy 1770

Learning with Lucy

Learning with Lucy is a global campaign from the University's Manchester Museum to educate primary school children about the critically endangered lemur leaf frog, which is one of the rarest frogs in the world.

The campaign includes resources such as videos and an activity booklet to help children learn about conservation. Links to these resources can be found on the Learning with Lucy page.


The #IMADEIT project offers a resource to encourage bright students into studying medicine, no matter what their background.

We asked medical students and doctors from non-traditional backgrounds to give some helpful advice. There are a growing number of videos for potential medics on the #IMADEIT YouTube channel.

We have also created two videos specifically for teachers to explain how you can encourage and advise students with a potential to study medicine: