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Resources for teachers

We have several resources for teachers and careers advisers who want to encourage school pupils to take an interest in higher education and careers in biology, medicine and health.

Learning with Lucy

Learning with Lucy is a global campaign from the University's Manchester Museum to educate primary school children about the critically endangered lemur leaf frog, which is one of the rarest frogs in the world.

The campaign includes resources such as videos and an activity booklet to help children learn about conservation. Links to these resources can be found on the Learning with Lucy page.

Biological Sciences Review

The Biological Sciences Review is a quarterly magazine featuring authoritative articles and topical columns relevant to A-level specifications, Scottish Higher and first-year undergraduate courses in the biological sciences.

University tutors frequently use articles and columns as a basis for tutorial assignments, while IB and A-level examining boards have used material from the magazine on their examination papers.

It bridges the gap between textbooks that are often out of date by the time they reach the bookshops, newspaper science sections that tend not to delve into theory and scientific journals that are largely inaccessible to students.