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Medical students

Medical education consultancy and partnerships

Access world-leading expertise in medical education training and technologies.

Empowering your medical education ability

We offer a range of medical education consultancy services and education technology products. We work with you in a partnership approach to improve your health professional education, giving you the opportunity to tailor how best to apply our expertise to your individual requirements.

We understand how to develop and deliver world-class education. Using our expertise, years of experience and innovative technologies we can help you develop your curriculum, staff, and educational technology to provide an outstanding learning environment.


Medical education is exceptionally strong at Manchester. Our key areas of strength include:

  • A history of innovation in medicine and medical education;
  • Outstanding research and a focus of scholarship across medical education;
  • Outstanding people, with renowned leaders in the field;
  • Experience of internationalism and working across global regions.

Discover more about why you should work with us.

Medical students studying an anatomical model

Partnership opportunities

We can help you to develop a new curriculum or training programme, or to enhance your current education, we can partner with you. You may consider licensing our MBChB curriculum or co-developing a joint training or education programme with us.

We are proud of our track record in medical education partnership activity, and know the importance of meaningful collaboration, relationship building, and tailoring to local contexts and environments.

There are three key ways you can partner with us:

  • Licensing our medical curriculum;
  • Developing a joint curriculum or training programme with us;
  • Working with us in a bespoke partnership.

Licence our curriculum

It takes a long time to develop a world-leading medical education curriculum. By licensing our MBChB curriculum you access an outstanding medicine curriculum from a University regarded as one of the very best providers of medical education.

We have established processes to translate our curriculum, blending our expertise with our partners’ local knowledge and needs.

If licensing is not exactly what you want, our educational experts will be pleased to discuss how you want to engage with us.

Strengthen your health professional education

How do you best evaluate the impact of your health professional training programmes on practice? Or determine how to successfully increase their impact?

Our educational behavioural insight specialists can help you to understand and deliver just that. Our world-leading expertise can be applied in any clinical area to influence real improvements where you need them.

Working in partnership, we can make your training more likely to change and sustain practice.


Develop a bespoke partnership

There are lots of ways we can support the development and enhancement of medical education. We are happy to discuss creating a bespoke partnership that works for you.

Even if you do not currently know what you want from a medical education partnership, we would advise you to get in touch with us.

Our experts can help you to identify potential requirements at any stage of considering a partnership.

Enhance your education technology

Good educational technology can vastly improve the student experience and staff efficiency. Our user-designed educational technologies can improve your programme and contribute to the overall excellence of your health professional education.

It is difficult to find education technologies that are a good fit for health professional education. We have been developing and researching educational technology – specifically within health professional education – for over a decade. We can help you understand your own requirements and support you in meeting them.

For example, you might want to:

  • reduce your reliance on paper evaluations;
  • improve the usability of your data whilst keeping it safe;
  • map your curriculum so that students, staff and external bodies can view it in multiple ways;
  • have searchable, secure records of all of your student activities.

We provide three core products:

  • Curriculum mapping tool;
  • Form2: data collection and analysis app;
  • One Med: medical students record system.

Curriculum Mapping Tool

The Curriculum Mapping Tool (CMT) is a bespoke system. Designed by educators and technologists it is a resource for all stakeholders in our MBChB – including our students, teachers, administrators, curriculum designers and regulators.

With significant external interest from the Medical Schools Council in the UK, the CMT underwent commercialisation in 2018. It has been licensed by four UK medical schools so far and we have national and international interest from many other programmes.

Form2 – data analysis app

Collecting, storing and analysing high-quality data about all aspects of your educational programmes is key to quality assurance, quality improvement and student experience.

Form2 is our end-to-end data collection and analytics tool. It has revolutionised and streamlined our own MBChB programme’s systems by digitising almost all of our processes. It is optimised for tablet and web browsers, utilises cloud and mobile technology, and features customised dashboards. Find out more on the Form2 website.

Form2 is licensed to seven higher education institutions worldwide and used by ten healthcare programmes and in the NHS.


One Med – student records system

Managing student records is crucial for quality assurance. One Med is a sophisticated bespoke student record system. It was built for our MBChB programme in order to manage the student and staff record.

The core of the system contains student records, and its ecosystem provides services for:

  • portfolio management, timetabling and learning content;
  • programme handbooks and information;
  • notifications;
  • a suite of student experience related functions.

Find out more on the One Med website.

Why work with us?

The medical education team at Manchester excels in the teaching and learning of medicine. We have world-leading expertise in international partnerships and educational technology.

A history of innovation

We were the first UK medical school to introduce problem based learning (PBL) in the 1990s and we have continued with our tradition of innovation.

We hosted the University Medical Assessment Partnership (UMAP), a JISC funded project which went on to form the basis of the Medical School Council’s Assessment Alliance. This ground-breaking work has led to an improvement in the quality of knowledge-based assessment by multiple choice questions across UK medical schools and influenced similar projects across the globe.

More recently, we have innovated in social accountability, with a focus on world-leading education in clinical communication and the Doubleday Centre for Patient Experience.

Expertise delivering internationally

Manchester is a truly global university, and our medical education reflects this international outlook with experience of internationalism and working across global regions.

Our team have worked in Uganda, India, Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries in higher education institutions and in clinical areas including acute illness management, safety in the operating room and mental health nursing.

A focus on scholarship

Evidence-based education is at the heart of all we do and our team are education researchers.

We have a commitment to capacity building in education research and scholarship, and have trained supervised health professionals from around the world in education research design, conduct, analysis and publication.

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Our people - leaders in medical education

Our people are leaders in health professional education regionally, nationally and internationally.

We are a great team, and this means we can draw on a vast quantity and variety of expertise when we are working with our partners or delivering excellent education locally.

Featured members of the team

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Contact and collaborate

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Health partnership and behavioural insights:

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