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Histology facility

The Histology Facility provides the equipment and technical support for producing high quality tissue sections for microscopy.

Handling of tissue prior to histology is a key step in obtaining good data. We provide advice and protocols on the best methods for tissue preparation, preservation and processing in order to achieve the best from your samples.

Histology supports a wide range of research projects within the Faculty across most research groups.

Our state-of-the-art facility is housed within the AV Hill Building and provides advice, training and support for all histological procedures from tissue/cell acquisition through processing, sectioning, staining (including standard histological, immuno and in situ protocols) and imaging.

For high end imaging and analysis we refer you to the Bioimaging Facility.


  • Automated tissue processor: Shandon Citadel 2000
  • Wax embedding station: ThermoShandon Histocentre2
  • Automated microtome: Leica RM 2155
  • Manual microtome: Microm HM 330
  • Vibratome: GS series 1000 classic
  • Manual cryostat: Shandon AS260
  • Automated staining: ThermoShandon Varistain 24-4
  • A Microm HM560 automated cryostat
  • A Microm automated tissue processor
  • A Microm wax-embedding station
  • 2 Microm HM355s automated microtomes
  • A Thermo Shandon Linistain GLX stainer (for H&E staining)


The facilities cover the preparation and processing of tissues, their cutting/sectioning and staining. The labs house modern equipment, much of which is fully or partially automated. Our equipment supports both paraffin-embedded and frozen cryo sectioning, making both these processes as easy as possible within a friendly and helpful environment.


Mr Peter Walker
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 1476