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Flow cytometry facilities

As the original high content analysis technique, flow cytometry is an essential tool for cellular analysis.

A flow cytometer has the ability to make multiple measurements on individual cells and to do that on thousands of cells per second, which can reveal the heterogeneity in cell populations hidden by other techniques.

On flow cytometers with the 'sorting' capability, it is possible to go beyond analysis of the sample and physically separate out particular cell populations for further analysis by other techniques, or to put them in to culture.

With our high-end instrumentation we can analyse in excess of 20 fluorescent markers in a single sample or in excess of 50 parameters by mass cytometry (Helios- CyTOF). Additionally we can image over 40 metal tagged antibodies on a single tissue section using imaging mass cytometry (IMC) on the Hyperion system. 


Flow cytometry:

  • 2 x BD LSR Fortessa Special Order Research Products
  • BD Fortessa X20
  • BD FACSVerse
  • BD Influx
  • BD FACSAria Fusion

Imaging cytometry:

  • Amnis ImageStreamX

Mass cytometry:

  • Helios-CyTOF
  • Hyperion Imaging Mass Cytometry

Data analysis:

  • Flowjo
  • Cytobank
  • R packages
  • Pyhton scripts
  • ImageJ and FIJI image analysis


Cell sorting:
We operate 2 high end cell sorters capable of sorting samples with up to 16-colours and 6 populations simultaneously into an array of tubes, plates and slides, including single cell sorting. Cell sorting experiments are run by experienced staff members.

Mass cytometry (Helios-CyTOF and Hyperion IMC):
We are happy to support your mass cytometry experimental planning and design, data collection and data analysis.

Antibody conjugations:
We offer an antibody conjugation service for generating reagents for mass cytometry experiments.


Dr Gareth Howell, Senior Experimental Officer and Facility Manager
T: +44 (0)161 275 1742

Further information

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