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Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health students

Our research

Pharmacy research is important at The University of Manchester. Not only does it ensure that our pharmacy students receive the most up-to-date information possible, but it also contributes to improving patient care.

In Manchester, this is consolidated further by our interactions with the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC).

Our researchers both interact with our students and collaborate with multidisciplinary and multinational groups from across the globe.

We also offer various PhD opportunities for postgraduate students considering a research career in pharmacy.

About our research

We have two key areas of research: pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Our pharmacy research encompasses medicine use and drug safety, pharmacy workforce behaviour and performance, and prescribing and patient safety.

Our research in the pharmaceutical sciences focuses on finding biological markers that can predict the likelihood of developing a disease and the identification of targets suitable for therapeutic intervention, as well as de-risking the drug development process by predicting how a new drug will behave in the body using computer modelling techniques.

The strength of our basic and applied research is distinctive in that it is truly multidisciplinary.

It has a strong interface with both the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS, so our work has major impact beyond our own academic environment.