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Healthcare sciences and medicine

Healthcare sciences and medicine CPD courses

Our healthcare sciences and medicine CPD courses cover units and programmes in a range of diagnostic sciences and various areas of medicine, and are suitable for professionals looking to improve their clinical skills.

Our CPD courses

Clinical biochemistry


    • Diseases of the Major Organs (15 credits)
    • Introduction to Clinical Biochemistry (15 credits)
    • Endocrinology (15 credits)
    • Nutrition and Drug Monitoring (15 credits)
    • Paediatric Biochemistry (15 credits)
    • Analytical Methods (15 credits)

Clinical immunology


    • Introduction to Immunology (15 credits)
    • Immunology and Infection (15 credits)
    • Immunodeficiency and Immunotherapy (15 credits)

Clinical skills


    • Therapeutics (15 credits)
    • Contemporary Issues in Healthcare (15 credits)
    • Advanced History Taking, Clinical and Communication Skills (15 credits)



    • Common Inflammatory Conditions
    • Benign Lesions in the Context of Malignancy
    • Skin Failure: Managing Drug Eruptions and Emergencies

Flow cytometry

Genomic medicine

    • Advanced Clinical Bioinformatics (15 credits)
    • An Introduction to Human Genetics and Genomics (15 credits)
    • Application of Genomics in Infectious Diseases (15 credits)
    • Bioinformatics, Interpretation, Statistics and Data Quality Assurance (15 credits)
    • Counselling Skills for Genomics (15 credits)
    • Economics of Genomics and Personalised Medicine (15 credits)
    • Ethical, Legal and Social issues in Applied Genomics (15 credits)
    • Genomics and Mainstream Medicine - Ophthalmology (15 credits)
    • Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Diseases (15 credits)
    • Health Informatics (15 credits)
    • Molecular Pathology of Cancer (15 credits)
    • Omics Techniques and their Application to Genomic Medicine (15 credits)
    • Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Healthcare (15 credits)

Medical microbiology

    • Practical Microbiology (15 credits)
    • Molecular Diagnostics (15 credits)

Medical mycology

We run four standalone CPD courses in Medical Mycology that are accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists and the Institute of Biomedical Science:

    • Essentials of Fungal Disease (15 credits)
    • Diagnosis of Fungal Infection: From the Patient to the Laboratory and Back Again (15 credits)
    • Molecular Mycology: A Practical Approach (15 credits)
    • Essentials of Antifungals and Antifungal Therapy (15 credits)

Occupational health


Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education (MAHSE)

MAHSE is a partnership between The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford that aims to coordinate the development of healthcare science programmes and CPD opportunities for healthcare scientists. Find out more on the MAHSE page. 

Postgraduate degrees

We also offer a range of courses for professionals who wish to work towards a full postgraduate award (MSc/MRes/PGDip/PGCert). These include courses in: 

  • aesthetic medicine
  • clinical immunology
  • medical education
  • occupational health
  • oncology. 

Please visit our taught master's section for more information on these courses.

"So far, I have completed four modules on Bioinformatics, Human Genetics, Pharmacogenomics and Genetic Counselling. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each of these and they have opened my eyes to the potential transformation of healthcare in the NHS through genomic medicine."

Bradley Horn / Genetic Technologist and Genomic Medicine MSc student

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