Student support

We offer a range of academic and pastoral support to address any concerns and help you get the most from your medicine course, whatever year you’re in.

Years 1 and 2

We offer support for first and second-year students via the Student Pastoral Support (SPS) team in the Stopford Building, led by the Academic Lead for Student Wellbeing.

You can come to us to discuss any concerns affecting you and/or your studies (including personal, family, health, financial issues or doubts about studying medicine), so that we can help you to find a solution that suits you.

We also offer the Year 1 Peer Mentoring scheme (Mummies & Daddies). This scheme is very well established and is in place to support first-year students as they arrive in Manchester. This scheme is facilitated by trained Year 2 student mentors, plus a small team of Year 3 Student Coordinators.

In addition, support from a network of academic and administrative staff at the wider University is available.

Years 3 to 5

As you move into your Clinical Education Campus, you will be supported by your Hospital Dean and Associate Deans for Student Pastoral Support, together with a local administrative student support team.

This will give you access to a comprehensive pastoral and academic support system through each of the Hospital Deans’ offices, and you will be able to build a strong relationship with members of the administrative and academic staff in your Clinical Education Campus.

We also offer Base Hospital Peer Mentoring. This scheme is facilitated by Year 3 mentors who support Year 2 students as they start to transition into the Clinical Education Campus part of their degree. These mentors then continue to support their mentees throughout their clinical years.

The network of academic and administrative support within the medicine programme and wider University will also still be available as you move into your clinical years.


Our medical students are actively involved in all aspects of the MB ChB course, from design to delivery.

The student representation team is made up of:

  • Programme Reps who contribute to issues pertaining to the development, delivery and quality assurance of the MB ChB course;
  • Year Reps who work on issues pertaining to their year or phase;
  • Transition Reps for students who join us in Year 3 from International Medical University, Malaysia and St Andrews University.

Societies and social life

Along with a busy academic life, our medical students keep themselves busy with the numerous clubs, charities and sporting activities they run or attend.

To thrive, you'll need to quickly learn how to balance the demands of a rigorous education with the attractions of a sociable student city by enthusiastically making the most of the multitude of resources on offer.

Whatever your interests, there are numerous university-based societies and clubs, including a couple of theatre companies, a Medics Orchestra and a wilderness medicine society.

There are, of course, more clubs and societies within the wider University that our students join.