Personalised learning

Our Personal Excellence Path (PEP) option allows you to focus on particular topics during your medical degree, creating a personalised learning experience.

You can choose to focus on one area/specialism, or on topics linked to themes. These topics might be within the field of medicine, or they may sit outside it in related areas such as ethics and law.

PEP will equip you with the necessary investigative and analytical skills required for modern medicine, complementing the broader MB ChB curriculum.

PEP runs throughout the MB ChB course. You will start off with the opportunity to work with a small group to create a scientific/biomedical poster. In later years, you will work together with a supervisor to produce an individual report.

There is a range of project types that you will be able to select from across the higher years of the programme, including literature reviews, research-based projects and quality improvement reports.

Inspiring you to aspire

All PEP options have direct input from experienced academics or expert clinicians from across the University, the NHS or affiliated sectors.

This research and clinically-led guidance will give you an advantageous lead in your future career as a doctor or researcher.

Student-selected placements and elective

Our student-selected clinical/careers placements (SSCPs) in Years 3 and 5, as well as the Year 4 elective, give you the opportunity to select your own placement in a speciality of particular interest to you.

The aim of these placements is to allow you to fully immerse yourself into the speciality and help you consider your potential future career path.

The SSCPs will be undertaken within the usual regional footprint of Manchester placements, but the elective can be organised anywhere in the world.