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Personalised learning

Our Personal Excellence Path (PEP) option allows you to focus on particular topics during your medical degree, creating a personalised learning experience.

You can choose from course units in Years 1 to 5, and can either focus on one specialism during this time or select units linked to themes explored through the study of clinical cases in small groups.

These units might be within the field of medicine, or sit outside it in related areas such as ethics and law. You can even opt for units in other disciplines such as humanities and applied social science.

PEP will equip you with the necessary investigative and analytical skills required in modern medicine, complementing the broader MBChB curriculum.

Get an advantage

All PEP options have direct input from experienced academics and expert clinicians across the University and the NHS. This research and clinical led teaching will give you an advantageous lead in your future career as a doctor or researcher.

You will have complete control over the PEP course units you choose, although support will also be provided if you need any guidance.

If you have any questions about PEP and what it means for you, please email