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Blue crane (Anthropoides paradisea). By Brian Snelson from Hockley, Essex, England.

South Africa field course

Study the behaviour and ecology of animals and complete your own research project from start to finish.

During the Easter break in first year you will have the opportunity to travel to the northern-most province of South Africa to study the behaviour and ecology of animals.

You will stay on a private farm with a great diversity of habitat and species. Under the supervision of lecturers and demonstrators you will run a research project of your own choice, from hypothesis formulation right through to presentation. This is a steep learning curve and a great preparation for the challenges ahead.

Although conditions can be challenging, there is an opportunity to complete some fantastic research projects.

Past subjects have ranged from antelope species interaction, to bird species diversity and reaction times of the planet’s largest orb web spiders.

“The South Africa trip was incredible. Not only did we learn some valuable lessons about field research techniques but we also got a chance to appreciate the incredible biodiversity; from a praying mantis the size of your hand, to magnificent kudu, the energetic dung beetles, snorting warthogs and an array of birdlife.”

Tish Cookson / Zoology student

As well as project work, you will attend daily lectures, night excursions, and visits to animal rehabilitation centres.

Other highlights include the visit to a national park, cocktails in the lodge, and tasting the delicacies of slow-cooked warthog and impala burgers.

You will leave with detailed knowledge of animal behaviour, behavioural ecology and conservation biology.

Equally important is the shared experience, the appreciation of one of the most diverse habitats on the planet, and an understanding of the challenges facing humans and animals.