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Lemur Leaf frog

Costa Rica field course

Immerse yourself in tropical ecosystems and visit world-renowned biodiversity hotspots.

With this second year course unit you will be immersed in the tropical ecosystems of Costa Rica for two weeks in June. You will visit various conservation and biodiversity hotspots, including botanical gardens, national parks, a sloth sanctuary, and an amphibian research station.

You can see a variety of species, ranging from howler monkeys to wandering spiders, and red-eye tree frogs to walking palm trees and strangler figs.

The second week is spent at La Selva Biological Research Station of the Organisation for Tropical Studies. You will carry out a research project of your own choice using the knowledge and experience you’ve already gained.

The biological station, located in a lowland tropical forest, is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. Previous projects have included the leaf morphology of climbing vines, orchid bee attractions, hummingbird behaviour, and bat roosting temperatures.

Days are divided between lectures, visits, fieldwork, and lab work. Other highlights include fruit tasting at a sustainable farm, bird watching, moth trapping, a beach trip to see capuchin monkeys, and white water rafting.

This is an amazing opportunity to work in an internationally renowned research site, while meeting new people, working hard, learning lots, and having a whole lot of fun at the same time.