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Cala Figuera, Mallorca.

Mallorca field course

Explore island biology and undertake a unique group research project.

Many of you will have visited the Mediterranean on holiday. Usually this will have been in summer, when everything is hot and dry. Possibly, you will not have strayed far from the beach. Mallorca in the spring is a different world – green and full of flowers. In April, life on the island is about taking advantage of the brief time of the year when conditions are best for living.

Each Easter, we take 30 first year students to the holiday resort of Alcudia on the island’s east coast. Using a self-catered apartment block as our base, we visit a range of different characteristic habitats, examining how the Mediterranean climate shapes the organisms found there.

“Mallorca is a truly beautiful place and I will always have fond memories of my trip. The sun is hot, the ocean is cool and the scenery is fantastic. It was a great opportunity to really get to know my course mates and lecturers better, and an even better environment for studying.”

Thomas Ashton / Mallorca field course

We look at the physiology of the plants, exploring the different adaptations found and discussing how these have evolved.

You will receive training in a wide range of field skills, including identification and survey techniques and you’ll apply these to a range of different questions.

In the second part of the course, you will undertake a small group project, designing and carrying out your own investigation of a unique scientific problem.