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Visiting students

If you are an undergraduate student majoring in a biological and biomedical sciences subject at a university outside the UK, there are various ways you can join us for your period of study abroad.

See the range of bioscience-focused course units available for visiting students to study.

Final year units

BIOL31301 Post-Genome Biology (L)
BIOL31311 Protein Assembly, Dynamics & Function (E)
BIOL31321 Glycobiology: Glycobiology in Health & Disease (E)
BIOL31332 Biochemical Basis of Disease (E)
BIOL31341 Macromolecular Recognition in Biological Systems (L)
BIOL31351 Current Topics in Microbiology (E)
BIOL31362 Bacterial Infections of Man (E)
BIOL31371 Advanced Immunology (E)
BIOL31381 Gene Regulation & Disease (E)
BIOL31391 Evolution of Genes, Genomes & Systems (E)
BIOL31402 Human Genetics & Evolution (E)
BIOL31411 Protein Sorting (L)
BIOL31441 Cell Signalling (E)
BIOL31451 Comparative Developmental Biol (L)
BIOL31461 Chemical Communication in Animals (L)
BIOL31471 Advanced Behavioural & Evolutionary Ecology (E)
BIOL31482 Conservation Biology (E)
BIOL31501 Green Biotechnology (E)
BIOL31511 Biotic Interactions (L)
BIOL31522 Bioethics: Contemporary Issues in Science & Biomedicine (E)
BIOL31541 Living with Climate Change (L)
BIOL31551 Human Impacts on the Biosphere (E)
BIOL31571 Advanced Endocrinology (L)
BIOL31582 Cardiovascular Systems (E)
BIOL31591 Advanced Ion Transport (E)
BIOL31602 Toxins, Toxicants & Toxicity (E)
BIOL31612 Neuroinflammation in Health & Disease (E)
BIOL31622 Ion Transport in Health & Disease (E)
BIOL31631 Imaging in Biomedical Research (E)
BIOL31642 Advanced Developmental Biology (E)
BIOL31651 Advances in Anatomical Sciences (L)
BIOL31671 Neuropharmacology of Human Health (E)
BIOL31681 Clocks, Sleep & the Rhythms of Life (E)
BIOL31692 Learning, Memory & Cognition (E)
BIOL31721 Hormones and Behaviour 
BIOL31742 Molecular Biology of Cancer (E)
BIOL31751 Stem Cells (L)
BIOL31771 Cell Adhesion (L)
BIOL31792 Advanced Parasitology (E)
BIOL31802 Immune Response & Disease (E)
HSTM30832 Madness and Society
HSTM31212 The Nuclear Age: Hiroshima to Nuclear Terrorism
HSTM33201 Climate Change and Society