Student support

Our nursing students benefit from support from a variety of sources throughout their time at Manchester.

As our courses combine academic study with working in a physically and emotionally demanding environment, we ensure that you benefit from caring and robust support systems to create a quality learning environment and to ensure your enjoyment of the course.

At the beginning of the course, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will provide you with regular academic and professional guidance and pastoral support. You will get to know them really well over your three years at Manchester.

We also have a Student Support Office that can offer personal support and advice and direct you to wider support services.

During clinical placements, you will be supported by a number of supervisors and be allocated a practice assessor. These are experienced clinical staff who have undertaken specific training for the role.

You will elect student representatives who will meet regularly with the academic and administrative staff with the aim to promote the enrichment of the clinical, academic, social and personal experience of our students.

The University also provides additional student support services.