Practice placements

We maintain excellent working relationships with local NHS trusts in Greater Manchester and the wider north-west, as well as some independent healthcare providers.

Placements in community and hospital settings

Students on pre-qualifying nursing and midwifery degrees undertake a range of practice placements in both community and hospital settings as part of their training.

All placements are regularly audited to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Clinical staff based within each practice placement are allocated to students to support learning and participate in practice assessment of relevant competencies.

Placement providers

Our placement zone maps for nursing and midwifery identify some of the main placement providers we currently use. However, there are many more health centres and locations that we use, particularly for community placements.

Eligibility for placements

Please note it is a requirement of our NHS placement providers that all BNurs students are aged 18 or over at the point that they start their first placement.

All applicants must therefore be 18 or over by 1 January of the year they start the course. If you will still be under 18 by 1 January, your application will either be rejected (with a suggestion that you re-apply the following year) or deferred by the Admissions team (subject to passing an interview and meeting all offer conditions).