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A researcher analysing data generated by a piece of lab equipment.

Biosciences International Summer School

Experience cutting edge bioscience.

This four-week summer school will allow you to explore and develop your research skills within biological and biomedical sciences at a world-leading research university.

During this time, you will attend seminars from world leading experts and perform experiments in our state-of-the-art laboratories. You will also have the opportunity to improve your English writing skills and practise your presentation skills in an academic setting with your peers and Manchester academics.

This school will equip you with knowledge of cutting-edge science frontiers and technological advances in basic and biomedical sciences, as well as in modern medicine.

This experience will provide a firm foundation for those interested in pursuing a master's or PhD degree in life sciences or biomedical sciences in an international university.

Feedback from past students has unanimously recognised the high quality of the academic and social contents of the school. When asked which activity they enjoyed most, one student commented:

"The lab work, trips, everything! I wish I could come here for a master's course next year. It's wonderful."


Programme details

The summer school is structured to provide you with a focused schedule based around one of the many areas of bioscience research at The University of Manchester.


You will have the opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge in biological and biomedical sciences, and to have first-hand experience of British culture. 

A typical week will include lectures, practical laboratory activities, experimental design, and data analysis in small groups or pairs.

During each week of the summer school, you will be assigned to selected areas of biosciences from the following list:

  • Biochemistry – protein purification and characterisations using various biochemical techniques.
  • Cell biology – studying protein localisation in mammalian cells using immunofluorescence microscopy.
  • Cognitive neuroscience – introducing core topics including the mind-body connection, and contemporary methods in neuroimaging.
  • Developmental biology – investigating the role of growth factor signalling in cell fate decision during early development.
  • Entrepreneurial skills – designing a business that will work, and making your business a reality.
  • Genetics – approaches used by geneticists in identifying sequence changes that cause human disease.
  • Microbiology – how to identify the source of the infection in a synthetic epidemic.
  • Molecular biology – learn various techniques used for molecular cloning.
  • Physiology – techniques for investigating exercise efficiency and control of breathing in human subjects.
  • Pharmacology – techniques used in drug discovery and development.

Our programme will also include innovative practical sessions teaching you why and how to communicate about science and health with broader audiences. These sessions will be led by experienced faculty from the MSc Science and Health Communication programme.

Social activities will include a welcome reception and a farewell celebration (involving Manchester academics and students), as well as trips to local attractions.

Fees are £3,000 and include tuition fees, accommodation and scheduled social events.


Dr Hui Lu

Academic Lead for the Biosciences International Summer School (Bio-SISS)

Dr Hui Lu

Dr Lu is a lecturer of Biochemistry in the School of Biological Sciences. Her research focus is redox regulation, function and quality control of mitochondrial proteins in health and diseases.

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Professor Qing-Jun Meng

Founder of Bio-SISS, Director of Internationalisation, School of Biological Sciences

Professor Qing-Jun Meng

Qing-Jun is a Professor of Chronobiology and a Versus Arthritis Senior Research Fellow within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at The University of Manchester.

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For information about booking your place on the Biosciences International Summer School, please email