Explore Biology, Medicine and Health lecture series

Join our world-class community of scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals as they explore a range of biology, medicine and health-related topics.

They showcase the study and research experiences you could have at The University of Manchester. Every lecture is followed by a question and answer session (Q&A) with the speaker.

On demand

What does hearing have to do with COVID-19?

Date: Wednesday 4 November

Speaker: Dr Gabrielle (Gaby) Saunders

Duration: 45:53


Viruses: What are they and where are they from?

Date: Wednesday 11 November

Speaker: Professor Nicky High

Duration: 47:42


Bugs ‘n’ Drugs: An overview of antimicrobial resistance

Date: Wednesday 18 November

Speaker: Dr David Allison

Duration: 43:07


Where do we come from?

Date:  Wednesday 25 November

Speaker: Professor Matthew Cobb

Duration: 50:08


Why can’t computers think like us?

Date: Wednesday 2 December

Speaker: Dr Bo Yao

Duration: 44:06