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Funding opportunities for PhD study

In addition to our funded PhD programmes, the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health provides a range of funding options from internal and external sources for our postgraduate research applicants.

For all students

The President's Doctoral Scholar Recognition Award is open to all students, with priority given to the most outstanding international (non-UK/EU) candidates.

For UK/EU students

Each year, we have a number of studentships on offer to eligible UK/EU applicants.

These studentships are:

  • funded by awards from UK research councils (ie BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, ESRC, AHRC), plus some charities;
  • linked to specific PhD projects within the laboratories of named supervisors.

We also offer CASE studentships, backed by an industrial sponsor.

In addition we can occasionally provide a stipend bursary for excellent EU students who do not meet the full eligibility criteria set by the research councils. This will be discussed at interview.

For a list of available PhD studentships, look at our projects database and search for opportunities that are funded and open to UK/EU applicants.

For international students

Funding opportunities available can vary depending on individual circumstances. We offer international research applicants both full and partial funding support.

Full funding support

The President's Doctoral Scholar (PDS) Full Award for international students covers all tuition fees and provides an annual stipend.

Partial funding support

If you are in receipt of a scholarship and require a top-up to cover any shortfall in fees or living costs, we may be able to consider you for a partial award, either through the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award or through a Doctoral Academy Research Scholarship.

Once you are made an offer for PhD programme, you will be sent the relevant funding application form for completion. If you are interested in also being recognised as a President’s Doctoral Scholar, then you should meet the criteria for that award specifically. Please note that partial awards are only available to a small number of applicants who provide evidence that they can meet the majority of the costs of their PhD (tuition fees and stipend) through a scholarship they have obtained themselves, or through personal funds.

If you have any queries about partial awards, please contact the Doctoral Academy Admissions Team at

External international funding

The list below is a summary of the most frequent sponsors of PhD students to our Faculty.

If you are unsure whether there are any scholarship opportunities that apply to your country, please contact the Doctoral Academy Admissions Team at

Brazil - Science without Borders

The Faculty is keen to support Brazilian applicants looking to undertake full PhD programmes or short-term PhD visits.

There is more information on how to apply on the University's Brazil page for Science without Borders (Ciência sem Fronteiras).

China Scholarship Council

The Faculty is pleased to announce that there will be six tuition fee-waivers for Chinese students who are applying through the joint scheme with The University of Manchester and China Scholarship Council (CSC).

See: China Scholarship Council scheme

The current deadline for applications to The University of Manchester is 15 January 2019. Please note this is the proposed closing date for applications to The University of Manchester and may be subject to change, once China Scholarship Council have confirmed their application deadline, to be completed once an academic offer has been confirmed by The University of Manchester.  Further information on this will be provided and any changes to the 15 January 2019 University application deadline, will be advertised here. Please submit an application to the University as soon as possible. Candidates will need to hold an offer for PhD study from September 2019 onwards.

For further information regarding the scheme for the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, please see our CSC page or email with any queries.

Further information regarding the scheme can also be found on the country-specific page for China.

Chile - CONICYT Scholarships

The Faculty is able to consider applications from students applying for CONICYT scholarships.

Previously, the scholarship has been able to fund fees and stipends for up to 48 months.

If you hold or are applying for a CONICYT scholarship and require more information, please email for more details.

Further details are available on the CONICYT website.

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has scholarships opportunities to study in the UK. 

Please ensure you submit your online application in plenty of time ahead of the deadline to enable us to process it. We cannot send offer letters until your PhD application has been fully assessed and a formal interview has taken place.

Please visit the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission website for more information and instructions on how to apply.

Indonesian LPDP Scholarships

The Faculty has previously been able to consider applicants applying through the LPDP scholarship scheme. These awards are only open to Indonesian nationals who fulfil a set of criteria that is available to view on the LPDP website.

This award would pay tuition fees, stipend and other expenses of PhD study.

Iranian Scholarships

The Faculty is able to consider applicants from Iran who have secured funding from (or are applying to) the Ministry of Science in Iran.

We are able to tailor a study programme that may include pre-sessional English courses, depending upon your level of proficiency in English.

Iraqi Scholarships

The Faculty is able to consider applicants from Iraq who have secured funding from (or are applying to) the Iraq Government for a scholarship.

We are able to tailor a study programme that may include pre-sessional English courses, depending upon your level of proficiency in English.

Malaysian Scholarships

The Faculty has previously welcomed many Malaysian postgraduate research students funded through JPA and MARA scholarships.

Mexico - CONACyT Scholarships

The Faculty is able to consider applications from Mexican students applying for CONACyT scholarships.

Previously, the application period has extended to the June preceding a September start date. The scholarship has been able to fund fees and stipends for up to 48 months.

Please visit the CONACyT website for further details.

Nigerian Scholarships

Although Nigerian applicants are eligible to be considered through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (please see above) we have also considered applicants through other scholarship schemes in the past.

PTDF (Petroleum Technology Development Fund)

This has previously funded students applying for Environmental Biology PhD programmes. More details on how to apply for this scholarship can be found on the PTDF website.

Royal Thai Government Scholarships

The Royal Thai Government offers Thai students the opportunity to apply for a Thai Government Scholarship.

The scholarships are normally available for students in the last year of their bachelor degree or who are currently studying a master's or a PhD.

Funding duration will typically extend to three years only. The Faculty is able to consider such students applying for these scholarships.