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Midwifery placements

Our Midwifery (BMidwif) students go on a range of practice placements as part of their training.

You will develop your midwifery skills, working regularly with midwives who have undergone additional training to enable them to support, teach and assess students. 

Range of placements

We have excellent relationships with our NHS Trust partners, who provide placements including community midwifery, antenatal clinics, day-care, delivery suites, midwifery-led birth units, antenatal and postnatal wards and neonatal intensive care.

You will also visit or work with a range of other specialist services. 


You are expected to work the same shifts as your clinical midwife mentors. Shift patterns vary, but usually involve irregular hours and working evenings, weekends and bank holidays.


Community midwifery placements are often some distance from the hospital services. For example, students placed at St Mary’s Hospital may have community placements across the Salford area and students placed in Stockport maternity services may experience rural midwifery in the High Peak area. 

You will normally complete your Year 1 placements in one NHS Trust and then complete placements in Years 2 and 3 in another (subject to NHS placement provision). 

Undertaking placements in two different localities has been positively evaluated by our students. Feedback has shown it provides a wider experience of cultural diversity, a deeper understanding of the different ways NHS services are provided and greater confidence when applying for newly qualified midwife posts. 

We do not offer a choice of clinical placements, but will take account of your term-time address and transport plans as we allocate students to placement sites. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in your closest maternity service. You should carefully consider the time and financial costs of travelling to placement.

Currently, most students undertake placements in the following NHS Trusts (subject to changes in the Maternity Services and NHS Agreements):

  • Wythenshawe Hospital (South Manchester, M23 9LT);
  • St Mary's Hospital (Central Manchester, M13 9WL);
  • Tameside General Hospital (Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 9RW);
  • North Manchester General Hospital (North Manchester, M8 5RB);
  • Royal Oldham Hospital, (Oldham, OL1 2HJ);
  • Stepping Hill Hospital (Stockport, SK2 7JE).

Other placement areas may become available. We also work closely with other universities using the same NHS Trusts for student placements.

You can see a map showing the location of some of our placement providers below.