Our midwifery students enjoy access to a range of excellent study and learning facilities at Manchester.

Skills laboratories and workshops

As part of your on-campus learning, you'll make full use of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, which is designed to provide you with a safe, realistic and pleasant learning environment and is equipped with all the latest resources required for training students in a range of clinical skills.

The facilities have recently been extended to include additional teaching rooms, a home environment room and simulation suite. This is in addition to the existing two principal clinical skills rooms that reflect the hospital ward environment and include state of the art simulation training equipment.

In addition to gaining exposure to a range of clinical skills, you have the opportunity to develop confidence, interpersonal and team working skills in a safe environment, complementing clinical skills teaching and experience gained during clinical practice placements.


One of the most recent additions to our facilities is the online resource Clinicalskills.net, which has more than 200 peer-reviewed clinical skills procedures, all in a highly illustrated step-by-step format with links to further published guidance.

University of Manchester Library

The main library is one of the best resourced academic archives in the country. Alongside traditional library services, there are self-service facilities and group study areas.

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

This modern £24 million building is open 24/7 during term time and houses contemporary IT facilities, a range of versatile learning spaces and a relaxing cafe area for breaks or meeting friends.

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