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Public health and primary care

Public health and primary care CPD courses

We offer training for professionals who want to continue their learning and development in public health.

Contemporary public health practice requires practitioners to be adaptable and flexible, with a broad experience of a range of subject areas. Our professional development programme offers an innovative approach to learning, enabling us to meet training needs for health professionals interested in a career in public health or those seeking new skills.

Our CPD programme enables you to register for any of our single course units and study alongside students on one of our degree programmes. You will also have the opportunity to request accreditation (APL) of these course units towards a complete degree at The University of Manchester or elsewhere.

We also run regular half-day CPD sessions on public health, which are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians.

Our CPD courses

Public health CPD sessions

The following programme of CPD sessions has been designed for those working in or with public health from all sectors who want an introduction or an update in the areas of finding and using public health evidence to improve practice, culture and public health and innovation in public health.

Each session costs £50 and has been accredited for three hours of CPD by the Royal College of Physicians. If you would like to pay by invoice, please email for more details.

  • Understanding Evidence: Study Design and Bias (23 July 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Searching for Evidence: Practical Skills (23 July 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Critical Appraisal of Randomised Controlled Trials (24 July 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm)
  • Critical Appraisal of Observational Studies (25 July 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Introduction to Biostatistics (29 July 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Linear Regression (29 July 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Randomised Controlled Trials: Design and Analysis (30 July 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Observational Data Analysis (31 July 2019, 9:30-12:30pm)
  • Causal Inference, Mediation and Propensity Score (1 August 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Introduction to Key Concepts in Economic Evaluation (6 August 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Economic Evaluation in Public Health (6 August 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Preferences: How you build on economic evaluation and think more broadly on preference evaluation (7 August 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • The Role of Health Economics in Distributing Healthcare Budgets (7 August 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Intercultural Public Health (8 August 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • An Introduction to Designing Health Apps (12 August 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Occupational and Environmental Health (13 August 2019, 10am-1pm)
  • Childhood Obesity Workshop (13 August 2019, 2pm-5pm)
  • Molecular Epidemiology (14 August 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm)

Postgraduate degrees

We also offer a range of courses for professionals who wish to work towards a full postgraduate award, including: 

"As a clinician, I am always looking for ways of helping people beyond what my medicine and surgical procedures can do. The MPH has enabled me to look at medical practice with both clinical and public health lenses."

Daniel Semakula / Research Officer, Fair Tests Project, Makerere University College of Health Sciences (Uganda)

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