Effective Amplification for Infants and Children (CPD unit)

This course is aimed at registered audiologists and newly trained audiologists interested in paediatric work.

Course overview

This distance learning CPD course in Effective Amplification for Infants and Children will help registered and newly trained audiologists and educational audiologists to learn more about managing amplification in babies and deaf children.

You will develop a systematic and holistic approach to amplification to ensure that the fitting of a hearing aid reflects the individual needs and circumstances of a child at any given time.

The course will be delivered entirely online using a range of methods, including independent reading, discussion boards, reflective practice, recorded lectures, online videos, clinical-based and independent learning activities, and problem-based learning.

You will also engage in online meetings for discussions, one-to-one tutorials and small group work. There will be formative and summative assessments and a portfolio report.

Many of the staff involved with the course are actively involved in scientific or pedagogical research. A large number of our teaching staff are also clinically trained audiologists, educational audiologists, hearing therapists or hearing scientists.

You will earn 30 postgraduate credits upon completion of the course. Alternatively, you can take this unit as an uncredited CPD course.

This unit forms part of our MSc Advanced Audiology Studies course. We also offer other units from this MSc as standalone CPD courses - please visit our Audiology short courses page for further information.

Fees, course duration and start dates

Please contact the Admissions Team for fees for the credited or non-credited course.

Email: pgtaught.audiology@manchester.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 7601

The course starts in September and lasts for one year on a part-time basis. All teaching and learning is carried out online; there are no on-campus days for this course.

Further course information

The course will cover: 

  • habilitation
  • neural plasticity
  • concept of effective amplification
  • fitting aids to infants
  • advanced technological features of digital hearing aids
  • non-linear fitting strategy
  • verification measures
  • evaluation methods in the clinic and real world
  • acoustics of speech
  • effective communication
  • radio hearing aid systems
  • multidisciplinary and multi-agency approaches to effective amplification
  • managing challenges presented by some audiograms/circumstances
  • management of hearing aid reviews
  • evidence-based practice.

Entry requirements

This CPD unit is aimed at registered audiologists and newly trained audiologists interested in paediatric work. You must have: 

  • a good honours degree or an approved and relevant postgraduate qualification (minimum PGDip or equivalent - 120 credits at master's level) or relevant clinical experience;
  • written support from your current employer permitting time to attend lectures and complete all learning and assessment activities. 

Applications are welcome from candidates with evidence of previous advanced study, research or professional experience (which the University accepts as qualifying the candidate for entry) and a recognised health/education/social care-related professional qualification and/or employment in healthcare or education services. 

Individuals applying via this route may also be required, upon application, to submit a short 500-word essay demonstrating their academic writing ability and critical thinking skills. 

English language requirements

Students who have not studied in a predominantly English-speaking country are required to hold IELTS 7.0, including 7.0 in the written section or TOEFL 100, including 25 in the written section.

How to apply

You should apply online.

You will be required to provide the following supporting documentation with your application:

  • two references
  • your CV
  • a personal statement (approximately 300-500 words about why you wish to take this course and how it will affect your personal and professional development).

On receipt of all required supporting documentation, your application will be reviewed by the programme director. Applicants are considered on an academic and relevant professional experience basis, based on all information provided. 

Contact us

Get in touch with the Admissions Team to find out more.

Email: pgtaught.audiology@manchester.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 7601