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Study abroad

Study abroad for either semester of your second year. This is an excellent opportunity to travel and to gain a fresh perspective on your course through the experience of a different academic system.

Why study abroad?

Participating in the programme will broaden your horizons, enhance your personal development and can dramatically improve your career prospects.

The Erasmus Impact Study has shown that unemployment rates for graduates who participated in Erasmus exchange programmes as part of their degree are 23% lower than for other graduates five years after leaving university.

Who is eligible for study abroad?

You need a good attendance record and a minimum average of 60% from your first year university results.

Study abroad is available for students on most of our biological and biomedical sciences courses. This is dependent on whether students can find an overseas university offering suitable course units.

Students studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology or a degree with industrial experience or with a modern language are not eligible for the study abroad programme.

Where could you go?

We have partnerships through the Erasmus exchange scheme, with universities all over Europe in countries including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

There are also many opportunities to study throughout Asia, in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. See a full list of partner universities.

Will you need to speak a foreign language?

Foreign language skills are not essential for study in Europe as many of our partners (particularly those in the Netherlands and Sweden) lecture in English. There are also opportunities to study in English speaking countries outside Europe.

What will it cost?

At present tuition fees are no higher for your time abroad. Additionally, you are eligible for a non-repayable grant from the Erasmus council (if you study in Europe) to help cover living costs, and some funding is available for pre-study intensive language training.