Dental Trauma

Welcome to the Saving Smiles eCPD programme!

This programme is a partnership between The University of Manchester, Manchester Foundation Trusts, Barts Health NHS Trust the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Greater Manchester Local Dental Network and FDS Dental Referrals.

All content within this site has been developed using a combination of the best available evidence and clinical protocols developed across the partnership.

Our ambition is to offer a structured and pragmatic approach to dental trauma care but we appreciate that expert knowledge and protocols may differ in different institutions and practices.

It is essential to recognise that there is very little high-quality evidence to support some practices. As such we hope that we can offer clinicians clarity in some of the more grey areas of trauma care and reinforce best practice where the evidence is more established.

The webinars

There are 13 webinars covering the basic principles of trauma care from aetiology to management of the missing tooth. All can be completed independently and amount to 6 hours of eCPD. This course has GDC Outcomes C and D.

We hope you will enjoy the webinars and finish the programme feeling more confident when emergencies present.


If you have difficulty, please contact the eLearning team by emailing, giving the course name Dental Trauma and marking the email for the attention of the FBMH eLearning team.