Andy Sharrocks

Associate Dean for Research Technology

Professor Andy Sharrocks was appointed to the role of Associate Dean for Research Technology in October 2019, responsible for research technology development and infrastructure in the Faculty.

He is based in the Division of Molecular and Cellular Function, where his research interests include signal-mediated gene regulation and eukaryotic transcriptional control in relation to oesophageal cancer and stem cell differentiation.

Professor Sharrocks achieved an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Sheffield University and continued his studies there to complete a PhD studying prokaryotic transcriptional control mechanisms.

He subsequently continued his work on prokaryotic transcription factors in his first postdoctoral position, and moved to the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg, Germany to study eukaryotic transcriptional control mechanisms.

Professor Sharrocks secured his first independent group leader position at the University of Newcastle in 1992 and moved to The University of Manchester in 1990, where he achieved a professorship in 2002.