Application process: BSc Dental Hygiene and Therapy

Many applicants find the application forms, tests and interviews required when applying for undergraduate Dental Hygiene and Therapy daunting. This section explains how to apply for our Dental Hygiene and Therapy course and how we assess each part of your application.

The Dental Schools Council (DSC) provides free advice and support on how to apply to Dentistry courses. You can use this resource to complement the advice we provide here, which specifically relates to applying to Dental Hygiene and Therapy at Manchester.

Remember, the admissions tutors want to get the best students just as much as you want to go to the best university, so make sure you let them know how good you are!

All applications including those for deferred entry to our Dental Hygiene and Therapy course must be submitted through UCAS by the UCAS 'equal consideration' deadline. The course can be found under the UCAS course code B840.

It is not possible to consider late applications. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by the University's Central Admissions Office.

You should read through these pages carefully before you submit your application. If you have any questions that aren't answered on these pages, please contact us by emailing