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Viva/oral exam

All MD, PhD, ClinPsyD, DClinSci and ChM students will have to undertake a viva voce (oral) examination following the submission of their thesis.

COVID-19 update

Vivas are currently taking place remotely by video link. Please note:

  • All participants are required to confirm they are happy to proceed remotely.
  • Please use the technology that most suits the participants of the viva (eg Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype).
  • You will be asked to either show your student ID card or some other form of valid ID (eg passport), or your supervisor will be asked at the beginning of the remote viva to verify your identity (your supervisor will subsequently leave the viva).
  • The University strongly recommends an independent chair is nominated alongside your examiners.
  • The internal examiner or independent chair is responsible for making the arrangements and hosting the video link.
  • Interim guidance on vivas by video link is available on the PGR Code of Practice webpages

About the viva

This viva will be undertaken by the nominated internal and external examiner. Your supervisor may also be present at the viva if required though will not be able to participate in the examination.

Examiners for an MPhil thesis may require that you attend a viva before they make their final recommendation.

If your thesis is to be examined under restriction all those present at the viva will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Full details regarding conduct of the viva are available in the Examination of Doctoral Degrees Policy (PDF, 320KB).

You will receive notification of the viva date, time and venue at least 10 days before the viva date is to take place.

The Doctoral Academy office asks that examiners complete the reading and examination of a thesis in eight weeks. If you are concerned that you have not heard about the arrangements for your viva then you can contact and we will investigate this for you.