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Research Passports

Postgraduate students may require a research passport dependent on the nature of their study.

For example, you may need a research passport if you are undertaking work in an NHS setting. Speak to your supervisor in the first instance to find out if you need one.

Research passports are ultimately issued by hospitals, but they require information from the University. If you do need a research passport, let us know by emailing for guidance. 

This can be a lengthy process, so let us know as soon as possible if you need one. 

Below, you can find out about the stages you need to complete and the relevant Faculty contacts. Full information on the process (including paperwork, eligibility, etc) can be found on the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) website.

Stage 1

You should refer to the ‘Research Passport: Algorithm of Research Activity and Pre-Engagement Checks’ guidance and then complete the Research Passport form’.

Stage 2

Once you have completed your Research Passport documentation, section 5 of the research Passport form will have to be completed by a PGR Operations Officer. Please email your documentation as listed below to for this to be complete.

  • Photo ID
  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate (as required)
  • Occupation Health clearance (as required) for checking
  • The form also asks for confirmation of references, qualifications, visa, etc. We should have already verified these if you are fully registered with the University

The most common issues and delays with the research passports are:

  • Students with an out-of-date form. Please use the Research Passport form.
  • Students with out-of-date DBS checks. Most Trusts require this to be within six months of issue.
  • Students with no Occupational Health screening. You will need to make a specific appointment with Occupational Health at The Mill for a Research Passport check. You will then be issued with a certificate which you can present as evidence.
  • Students unclear about whether they need a DBS or OH check. Your supervisors should be advising and following the algorithm The Research Passport: Algorithm of Research Activity and Pre-Engagement Checks.

Stage 3

Once the PGR Services Manager has signed the form, you will need to take the full paperwork to the appropriate Research and Development (R&D) office. You can find the contact details on the NHS R&D Forum website.

More information

The main contact for queries is Lynne Macrae, Faculty Research Practice Coordinator.

Tel: 44 (0)161 275 5436

Students/staff with questions about Pan Manchester Forms, Faculty/NHS or University ethics processes, data or insurance during research should contact the following or visit the research ethics page.