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Hypertension and its complications

Hypertension and its complications

Hypertension and its complications

Hypertension and diabetes affect 35% of the UK population and increase the risk of circulatory problems such as heart attack and stroke. We aim to understand how the structure and function of the arterial circulation determines susceptibility to disease such as these.

Our vascular biologists are internationally renowned in the investigation of small artery function with a focus on:

  • the physiology of arterial contraction;
  • the role of perivascular fat on vascular tone in obesity and diabetes;
  • the circulatory consequences of diseases such as coronary artery disease.

Manchester has an international reputation for research in vascular surgery and vascular disease.

This research is based on close collaboration between vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and the research facilities offered by the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences.

We have the biggest, and we believe the best, vascular laboratory in the UK undertaking over 60,000 investigations a year and with access to the latest 3D tomographic ultrasound imaging.

Investigations of the role of vascular dysfunction and inflammation in cerebrovascular disease and intracerebral haemorrhage via a combination of molecular, cellular and translational approaches are leading to insights into future therapeutic strategies. Read more about stroke research at The University of Manchester.