Teaching certificate units

You will take three teaching certificate units as part of the PGCert in Medical and Health Education.

The PGCert is integrated into the PhD programme with integrated teaching certificate.

The Reflective Educator (September)

  • Study the theory that underpins effective practice in teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation
  • Analyse your role as an educator and reflect on developments in your discipline
  • Develop innovative approaches to learning opportunities, curriculum and learning tools

The Art and Science of Teaching (November)

  • Understand the principles of curriculum design and course development
  • Consider appropriate teaching to enhance learning
  • Explore curriculum in terms of interprofessional education, leadership, mentoring and professionalism

Pass or Fail, Who Decides? (February)

  • Explore current assessment practices within the context of your discipline
  • Consider how assessment fits into the broader remit of evaluation and quality assurance
  • Understand the impact and value of feedback

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