A number of potential projects within biology, medicine and health are available to prospective four year PhD programme with integrated teaching certificate students.

The list below is a selection of projects that have been identified as suitable for this programme.

Other projects available for this programme can be found using the Faculty's PhD project search (select ‘self-funded’ from the funding status list).

If you do not find an ideal project, don't be discouraged. We encourage outstanding candidates to contact us directly regarding potential applications. You can either contact the academic you are interested in working with directly, or email for advice:

Once you’ve chosen your project, see How to apply for application instructions.

See projects in:

Biological sciences

Cell Matrix Biology

Evolution and Genomic Sciences

Infection, Immunity and Respiratory Medicine

Molecular and Cellular Function

Musculoskeletal and Dermatological Sciences

Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology

Medical sciences

Cancer Sciences

Developmental Biology and Medicine

Health sciences

Human Communication, Development and Hearing

Pharmacy and Optometry

Psychology and Mental Health

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