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Nurse in practise

Nursing placements

The development and assessment of nursing values and proficiencies in clinical practice is a key feature and requirement of the course.

Throughout the course, you will spend 50% of your learning time in a clinical placement, learning what it is like to work within modern healthcare. You will develop your clinical knowledge, skills and confidence as a key member of the professional healthcare team. On your clinical placements, you will remain supernumerary while working as a valuable team member.

We have excellent working relationships with local NHS Trusts in Greater Manchester and the north-west. You will undertake a range of practice placements in both community and hospital settings.

Our practice partners regularly receive regional and national recognition for their work with students, including several nominations to the annual Nursing Times Awards.

Clinical staff based within practice placements and academic staff will be available to support, assist and guide you.

Supervisors and assessors

During practice placements, you will be supervised by qualified health professionals and will be allocated a practice assessor. The assessor's role is to support you in practice-based learning and to assess your knowledge and skills against required values and proficiencies.

Your practice assessor will discuss your progress with your academic assessor. This is one of the nursing academic staff from the University.

Shifts and location

You will be required to follow local shift patterns. This will include early shifts starting from 7am and late shifts, sometimes finishing at 9.30pm.

Your placements will usually be within Greater Manchester but, on occasion, you may be required to travel further afield.

You will be expected to travel to your placement to work a normal shift and can claim reasonable travel costs for this. We advise all students with children to set up childcare arrangements close to home to enable flexibility of travel to your placements.

You will be required to work some weekends and some night duty during the three years. Any additional employment must be flexible and should not interfere with your placement.

Annual leave entitlement is set in advance by the University and is non-negotiable. It normally includes time off over Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Placement allocations

All nursing students may be required to travel across the whole of Greater Manchester and, at times, beyond to undertake practice placements, which are a compulsory part of the course.

To minimise the amount of travelling to placement, every effort will be made to ensure that you will be allocated to placements nearest to your term-time postcode in accordance with placement availability for your field of nursing.
At times, this may not always be possible where students need to experience particular clinical specialities or when placement capacity issues arise.

Placement allocation map