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Student ambassador: Daniel Moldavsky

Degree: Master of Public Health, part-time distance learning (completed 2019)

Location: Nottingham, UK
Occupation: Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS

What the MPH means to me

The MPH course helped me to better understand the complexity of health systems, their national and international aspects.

It also enabled me to underpin my clinical practice and my team clinical practice on the best available evidence, learning how to search for it and apply it, while also enhancing my knowledge of the social, economic, and political aspects of healthcare.

The course emphasised the importance of measuring everything we do in health, and made me think about how psychiatry and mental health are still lagging with an evidence-based approach.

One capital gain from the programme for me has been the ability to switch from a person-centred approach to a population-centred approach.

This mental and conceptual change is paramount for systems like the NHS, which provides public, free-access healthcare. Yet it is also relevant for any health system and any worker who sees the importance of health as a universal feature of all the population.

It is in this respect that the MPH enlightened me on the importance of reducing health inequalities and taught me to think about the improvements I can implement in my team and services to improve inequalities and outcomes.

Academic background and career

I was born in Argentina, where I completed my medical studies in 1978. After graduation, I did neurology for one year, just to discover that I was more interested in the mind than the brain. I relocated then to psychiatry, completing my medical residence in 1983.

In 1990 I left Argentina and moved to Israel, where I trained again in psychiatry and became a consultant in 1997.

I came to work in the NHS in the UK in 2004, initially for two years, supported by a programme from the Department of Health. In 2006, I relocated to Nottingham after getting a permanent position as a Consultant Psychiatrist in NHS Nottinghamshire.

I retired from the NHS in 2017 and did a sabbatical in New Zealand, returning to work in the NHS in Nottingham in Liaison Psychiatry.

Since 2008, I have been collaborating with the Argentinean Association of Psychiatry Teaching and running seminars at their annual meeting. I am a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the American Psychiatric Association, and the Royal Society of Public Health.

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