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Informatics and Biostatistics CPD at The University of Manchester
Informatics and Biostatistics CPD Units
Develop your knowledge of informatics and biostatistics through CPD courses based on units from our master's degrees.

Informatics and Biostatistics CPD Units / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2020

How to apply

You should apply for this course by completing our  online application form . See the Advice to applicants section for details of the supporting documents we require with your form.

We recommend that you apply as early as possible; we accept applications on a rolling basis up until two weeks before the start of each unit. Late applications may be considered. We reserve the right to close applications earlier if the course is full.

Advice to applicants

Your application form must be accompanied by the following supporting documents.

  • A personal statement - approximately 300-500 words about why you wish to take this course and how it will affect your personal and professional development. This statement should try and refer to your current role.
  • Full CV including voluntary experience.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if required).

Supporting documents can be sent to cpdbmh@manchester.ac.uk . After applying, please do not submit documents in any other way without telling us first so we can provide you with the most efficient service.

Please make sure you include your University ID number on any correspondence and do not send any documents before you have submitted your application.