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CAR-T Cell Therapy (short CPD course)

This two-day course is aimed at nurses and other health professionals who want to learn more about this exciting new treatment for haematological cancers.

Date: Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 November 2019
Location: Education Centre, The Christie School of Oncology, Manchester
Fee: To be confirmed
How to book: Contact the Admissions Office by phone (0161 306 7605) or email (


CAR-T Cell Therapy is a new and exciting development in the treatment of haematological cancers.

This course has been designed in collaboration with The Christie Hospital, which is one of a small number of specialist centres licensed to deliver this therapy within the UK. The course will meet the needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to learn more about this specialist treatment.

You can take this course as either an uncredited standalone course or a postgraduate-level unit awarding five credits upon completion. These credits can be used towards a postgraduate qualification on one of two master's courses: MSc Advanced Leadership for Professional Practice (Nursing) and MSc Specialist Practice (Cancer).

Who should attend?

This course will be of particular interest to registered nurses or healthcare professionals working in an oncology setting where CAR-T therapy is delivered, or those working with patients who have had this treatment. Specific professionals who may benefit include:

  • general haematology ward nurses
  • stem cell transplant/cellular therapy nurses
  • ICU nurses
  • specialist haematology nurses
  • acute oncology nurses
  • allied health professionals working with CAR-T patients.

Course details

CAR-T therapy has been described as a potentially game-changing treatment in the management of cancer patients, and has recently been approved by the NHS for blood cancers. 

However, the development of the product and the delivery of CAR-T cell therapy is complex, with the potential for patients to develop specific side effects.

This course outlines the key concepts of CAR-T, and will provide you with the knowledge to recognise and manage the initial toxicity of treatment.

You will:

  • develop an understanding of the principles, mechanism of action and toxicities associated with treatment using CAR-T therapy;
  • critically examine the complex needs of haematology oncology patients within this context of changing healthcare provision and the use of evidence-based practice;
  • critically evaluate current national and local policy, clinical guidelines, protocols for care delivery and evidenced-based practice, and analyse their influence in the identification, treatment and management of haematological malignancies;
  • enhance the knowledge and skills required to develop care packages/pathways of treatment for patients requiring CAR-T therapy.

Course content

Day 1: Key concepts of CAR-T

  • Introduction to CAR-T and mechanisms of action
  • T-Cell Journey (from lymphocyte collection, manufacture and infusion)
  • Horizon scanning of CAR-T therapy in solid tumours
  • CAR-T therapy in haematological malignancies
  • Considerations in patient selection for CAR-T therapy
  • Ethics and consent in CAR-T
  • Psychological considerations in CAR-T patients

Day 2: Toxicity of CAR-T

  • Cytokine Release Syndrome
  • Role of ICU in managing complications of CAR-T
  • Neurological toxicity
  • Infective complications
  • Coagulation and complications of treatment
  • Mechanisms of renal and hepatic failure
  • Post-treatment follow up
  • Patient experience

How to book and contact us

Contact the Admissions Office to apply for this course.

Tel: 0161 306 7605

If you have any questions about academic credits and unit assessment, contact the Unit Lead, Janet Fielding.

Tel: 0161 306 7686