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College of Experts

The College of Experts at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health aims to enhance the quality of research grant applications to major funders by promoting a stronger culture of peer support and peer learning among our research staff.

Advice and support for these applications will be impartial and provided by College members who sit on external funding panels and have an established research track record.

The College of Experts is supported by the Faculty research team. It has three main remits:

  • high quality peer review for high value (~£1m+) prestigious and strategic applications (including cross-faculty initiatives);
  • peer support for shortlisted applications that require interview support;
  • horizon scanning of major funding initiatives via our College members.

For more information, please get in touch with the College of Experts at


Membership of the College

Members of the College of Experts are researchers within the Faculty with an active research track record who are held in esteem by their peers.

We have used a number of criteria to invite researchers to become members of the College of Experts, including:

  • experience of reviewing proposals for a major funding body;
  • involvement in activities on a national or international level;
  • membership (current or recent) of a board or panel of a major biomedical funder.

Current members

Professor Stuart Allan Dr Karolina Kluk-de-Kort
Professor Viki Allan Professor Simon Luckman
Professor Judi Allen Dr Angeliki Malliri
Dr Peter Bower Professor Richard Marais
Professor Katherine Checkland Dr Crispin Miller
Professor Dame Nicky Cullum Dr Clare Murray
Professor Linda Davies Professor Kevin O'Brien
Professor Julian Davis Dr Delvac Oceandy
Professor Bill Deakin Professor Terrence O'Neill
Professor Jeremy Derrick Professor Geoffrey Parker
Professor Wael El-Deredy Professor Katherine Payne 
Dr Corinne Faivre-Finn  Professor Neil Pendleton
Dr Stephen Fowler Professor Chris Plack
Dr David Gilham  Professor David Ray
Professor Mike Grant Professor Chris Roberts
Professor Richard Grencis Professor Angela Simpson
Professor Neil Hanley Professor Matt Sutton
Professor Tim Hardingham Professor Martin Tickle
Dr Lynda Harris Professor Nicola Tirelli
Professor Robert Hawkins Professor Chris Todd
Professor Karl Herholz Professor Andy Vail
Professor Nigel Hooper Professor Catharine West
Professor Anthony Howell Professor Kaye Williams
Professor Simon Hubbard Professor Steve Williams
Professor Bernard Keavney  

To view members’ areas of expertise and peer review experience download a full list of members (Excel, 122KB).