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Lugina Africa Midwives Research Network (LAMRN)


Design: The work is in collaboration with six focal group leaders from each of the partner countries (Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), using a mentoring / ‘buddying’ approach. The aim is to develop a thriving sustainable midwifery research network with the capacity and skills to strengthen evidence-based practice, thus improving care for women and babies. Activities include conducting systematic reviews/meta synthesis; developing research protocols; writing papers; developing grant applications; guideline development and research communication.
Objectives: We will develop a focussed network, leading to a sustainable partnership, with demonstrable objectives:
1. Identify research priorities (based on MDGs), through a Delphi approach.
2. Use the priorities to conduct research activities, with ‘alongside’ training.
3. Provide research leadership training and develop mentoring plans for career progression.
4. Provide UK researchers with experience of conducting research in low-resourced settings

Duration of the project

Two years

Funding body

Tropical Health Education Trust (THET)

Members of the project

Name Role
Professor Dame Tina Lavender Principal investigator
Dr Carol Bedwell Co-investigator
Dr Angela Chimwaza Co-investigator
Dr Grace Omoni Co-investigator
Dr Margaret C. Maimbolwa Co-investigator
Dr. Rose Laisser Co-investigator
Dr Linda McGowan Co-investigator
Mrs. Christina Mudokwenyu-Rawdon Co-investigator
Mrs. Enid Mwebaza Co-investigator
Mr Roy Daley Co-investigator