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Social Research with Deaf People (SORD): publications

Below is a list of publications by the Social Research with Deaf People (SORD) group.


Rogers, K. D. (2013).

Supporting d/Deaf children in their growing years.. Welfare and Education of Deaf Children Conference, Newcastle Upon Tyne, .. Publication link: e795be10-6fc2-425e-954a-4e53ea63a338

Rogers, K. D., & Young, A. (2013).

Gehörlose Rollenvorbilder: Die Erfahrungen Gehörloser bei der Arbeit mit Familien sowie gehörlosen Kindern und Jugendlichen. Das Zeichen, 93, 224-235. . Publication link: 492c827e-a784-433a-ace7-9ebc2280992d

Rogers, K. D., Young, A., Lovell, K., & Evans, C. (2013).

The challenges of translating the clinical outcomes in routine evaluation-outcome measure (CORE-OM) into British Sign Language. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 18(3), 287-298. DOI: 10.1093/deafed/ent002. Publication link: b4348d68-d59d-4f3a-b6ca-c9c2fef88d1f

Sutherland, H., & Young, A. (2013).

Research with deaf children, not on them: a study of method and process.Children & Society. DOI: DOI: 10.1111/chso.12000. Publication link: 4968545b-8a2e-4436-a780-eaf97585a0f3


Rogers, K. D., & Olson, S. (2012).

Enhancing support for early identified deaf children and their families using Deaf and hard of hearing professionals.. 1st International Congress on Family centred Early intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Bad Ischl, Austria, .. Publication link: 2bd13dfe-476f-4b95-b71e-8b62ae1a4577

Rogers, K. D., & Young, A. (2012).

Is there an association between deaf children’s mental health difficulties and their adult well-being? The state of the evidence. In Working with the Deaf community. Dublin, Ireland: Intersources Group (Ireland) Limited. . Publication link: 5a2066dd-a31a-4d06-aa49-120dde1d9484

Uus, K., Young, A., & Day, M. (2012).

Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder in the wider health context: Experiences of parents whose infants have been identified through newborn hearing screening programme. International Journal of Audiology, 51(3), 186-193. DOI: 10.3109/14992027.2011.625986. Publication link: e4162cd8-b58b-4d39-89c4-c9e0e0bf2e40


Atkinson, J., Denmark, T., Woll, B., Ferguson-Coleman, E., Rogers, K., Young, A., ... Marshall, J. (2011).

Deaf with dementia: Towards better recognition and services. Journal of Dementia Care, 19(3), 38-39. [19]. . Publication link: 35b3fd25-1087-4baf-b1a4-1c81a69988e7

Listman, J., Rogers, K. D., & Hauser, P. C. (2011).

Community cultural wealth and deaf adolescents' resilience. In Resilience in Deaf Children: Adaptation Through Emerging Adulthood|Resilience in Deaf Children: Adaptation Through Emerg. Adulthood: Adaptation Through Emerging Adulthood.. (pp. 279-297). New York: Springer New York. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-7796-0_11. Publication link: dec1a218-c7c4-40a5-986a-c86b8641b514

Rogers, K. (2011).

Mental health outcomes. British Association of Teachers of the Deaf, 34-35. . Publication link: 3b7788d5-5f21-41b7-bdac-7596b79e9a0d

Rogers, K. D. (2011).

Reliability of the BSL and English version of CORE-OM with d/Deaf populations. Poster session presented at 2011 Annual NIHR Trainee Meeting, Leeds, West Yorkshire, .. Publication link: 4c8466cb-ead8-4573-8914-5ea0e0396a89

Rogers, K., & Young, A. M. (2011).

Being a Deaf Role Model: deaf people’s experiences of working with families and deaf young people.Deafness and Education International, 13(1), 2-16. DOI: 10.1179/1557069X10Y.0000000004. Publication link: 9cf1f92a-ae32-47e2-a749-2d63edb1d5d8

Young, A. M., & Hunt, R. (2011).

Specialist assessment involving deaf children and adults: a discussion document. No publisher name.. Publication link: 7b7a8dd5-fe38-425f-9e6f-904c9f10ec4f

Young, A. M., & Moores, D. (Ed.) (2011).

Early intervention with deaf children and their families: "Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”. In Proceedings of the International Congress on Deaf Education, 2010. Washington DC: Gallaudet University Press. . Publication link: f6f3840e-9d93-4092-a261-e9955beec0ed

Young, A., & Hunt, R. (2011).

Research with d/Deaf People. (1 ed.) (Methods Reviews). NIHR School for Social Care Research.. Publication link: 0a1109e2-a486-45d5-a4bd-abf82fefa5ec

Young, A., Rogers, K. D., Green, L., & Daniels, S. (2011).

Critical issues in the application of resilience frameworks to the experiences of deaf children and young people. In Resilience in Deaf Children: Adaptation Through Emerging Adulthood|Resilience in Deaf Children: Adaptation Through Emerg. Adulthood: Adaptation Through Emerging Adulthood. (pp. 3-24). New York: Springer New York. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-7796-0_1. Publication link: 9b1a72f1-cbe6-44f2-b89f-6aae91d4541c


Gascon-Ramos, M., Campbell, M., Bamford, J., & Young, A. (2010).

Influences on parental evaluation of the content of early intervention following early identification of deafness: A study about parents' preferences and satisfaction. Child: Care, Health and Development, 36(6), 868-877. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2010.01092.x. Publication link: 6b2471ef-6085-4dfe-b23d-0c0df0e0e0ce

Parker, J., Young, A., & Rogers, K. (2010).

'My Mum's Story': A Deaf daughter discusses her Deaf mother's experience of dementia. Dementia, 9(1), 5-20. DOI: 10.1177/1471301209353987. Publication link: d27a9e16-8345-430a-953c-6ccb8432cb00

Rogers, K. (2010).

Mental Well-being Outcomes for Deaf Young People. British Deaf News, 16-17. . Publication link: c645d45a-04a8-4d43-851f-ab53adbe9504

Rogers, K. (2010).

Mental Well-Being Outcomes for Deaf Young People: A 22 years follow up study. In host publication.. Publication link: 4b2b044d-2d3d-445f-8659-3c07bb7feeac

Rogers, K. (2010).

The Mental Health Outcomes for School-aged Deaf Young People: A Follow-up Study. In host publication.. Publication link: 0f93e153-1828-4814-a53a-15d35db57e5d

Rogers, K. D. (2010).

Deaf Children and Young People - Promoting Positive Well-being (Invited). In host publication.. Publication link: 20f334a5-ffb3-4f57-9c02-d6258845a9e3

Young, A. M., Marschark, M. (Ed.), & Spencer, P. (Ed.) (2010).

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening – The impact of early identification of deafness on hearing parents. In Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language and Education, Volume 2.. (pp. 241-250). (Oxford Library of Psychology). New York: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 345df8a0-a2e3-453e-a398-db8d97fd9ce1


Bamford, J., Carr, G., Davis, A., Gascon-Ramos, M., Lea, R., McCracken, W., ... Young, A. (2009).

Positive Support in the Lives of Deaf Children and their Families. No publisher name.. Publication link: 4612ec33-5c9f-4bd5-b7ad-b3ef72926cc6

Rodd, C., & Young, A. M. (2009).

Hearing Impaired (HI) support services and caseload prioritization.Deafness and Education International, 11(1), 2-20. . Publication link: 26bd261a-db47-44a3-985e-bc118b078f8f

Rogers, K., & Young, A. (2009).

On being a Deaf Role Model. In host publication.. Publication link: b5430156-fff5-4673-931b-cb35df1642ee

Young, A., Gascon-Ramos, M., Campbell, M., & Bamford, J. (2009).

The design and validation of a parent-report questionnaire for assessing the characteristics and quality of early intervention over time. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 14(4), 422-435. DOI: 10.1093/deafed/enp016. Publication link: f985fe2a-0652-4faf-9116-650708e012d7


Blankmeyer, B. T., Belk, R., & Middleton, A. (2008).

Legislation, Deafness and Reproductive Rights: Comments on Clause 14 of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.Bionews online. . Publication link: 724e8690-107f-442c-8048-619d4427788b

Emery, S., Blankmeyer, B. T., Middleton, A., Belk, R., & Turner, G. (2008).

Reproductive Liberty and Deafness: Clause 14(4)(9) of the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill should be amended or deleted.British Medical Journal, 336(7651), 976-976. . Publication link: 9430fb7b-1bbe-473b-8442-975b282cb9a6

McCracken, W., Young, A., & Tattersall, H. (2008).

Universal newborn hearing screening: Parental reflections on very early audiological management. Ear and Hearing, 29(1), 54-64. DOI: 10.1097/AUD.0b013e31815ed8d0. Publication link: b18148d1-d591-4d6e-a417-c446357acdd6

Rogers, K. (2008).

Is research involving Deaf people always valid and reliable? In host publication.. Publication link: 1351433f-f597-4299-bb94-27e58ff7c64d

Rogers, K. D. (2008).

An investigation into the relationship between the precieved strengths and difficulties of deaf young people and their self-esteem Manchester, UK: University of Manchester. Publication link: 7a886c81-54c0-4fc1-a300-e2c3eaddde26

Rogers, K. D. (2008).

Positive outcomes for deaf children from hearing families. (Invited). In host publication.. Publication link: ab7c97d9-e94f-435a-9f0c-87b0b507e3ee

Temple, B., Young, A., & Bolton, J. (2008).

'They know where to find us ....' Service providers' views on Early Support and minority ethnic communities. Disability and Society, 23(3), 223-234. DOI: 10.1080/09687590801953986. Publication link: e4bf10a9-4c8e-4ab7-ba28-de76a7644ce3

Young, A. (2008).

Sound Foundations IV. In R. Seewold, & J. Bamford (Eds.), Sound Foundations IV. Phonak. . Publication link: 25390e0f-be03-423b-a3a3-e8a686c33d9b

Young, A. M., Temple, B., & Delamont, P. A. S. (Ed.) (2008).

Qualitative Research and Translation Dilemmas. In Ethnographic Discourse. London: Sage. . Publication link: 8e913ecf-edbe-49b2-b46e-50ba5a85cfd4

Young, A., Green, L., & Rogers, K. (2008).

Resilience and deaf children: A literature review. Deafness and Education International, 10(1), 40-55. DOI: 10.1002/dei.234. Publication link: 33729334-044f-4041-aa8a-3c488513e300

Young, A., Hunt, R., & Smith, C. (2008).

The impact of integrated Children’s Services on the scope, delivery and quality of social care services for deaf children and families. Phase I report. London: NDCS.. Publication link: aa4cb8f7-a852-44db-b740-f3baa0ba7e4a

Young, A., Temple, B., Davies, L., Parkinson, G., & Bolton, J. (2008).

Disabled children (0-3 years) and integrated services - the impact of early support. Health and Social Care in the Community, 16(3), 222-233. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2524.2008.00765.x. Publication link: 0d6004db-4307-4fcf-bc25-0f1d8c5766a8


McLaughlin, H., Young, A. M., & Hunt, R. (2007).

Edging the Change. Action research with social workers and hard of hearing service users to achieve 'Best Practice Standards'. Journal of Social Work, 7 (3). . Publication link: 69123f47-4c5d-4784-8a12-002eaccffb5e

Rogers, K. D., Coyne, S. M., & Bale, C. (2007).

The Effect of Early Communication on the Self-Esteem of Deaf People.Deaf Worlds, 23(1), 44-65. . Publication link: cdf40d39-249d-4a1a-892a-571142d7c453

Rogers, K., & Young, A. (2007).

External evaluation of the NDCS Parenting Project. In host publication.. Publication link: 6a2cc75a-5fb1-45ff-8b40-628556cc9e59

Sutherland, H., & Young, A. M. (2007).

'Hate English! Why...' Signs and English from deaf children's perception. Results from a preliminary study of deaf children's experience of sign bilingual education. Deafness and Education International, 9 (4). . Publication link: 51b41a8f-6e87-49be-a3fe-14d07a070eaa

Young, A., & Tattersall, H. (2007).

Universal newborn hearing screening and early identification of deafness: Parents' responses to knowing early and their expectations of child communication development. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 12(2), 209-220. DOI: 10.1093/deafed/enl033. Publication link: 5146ebc9-be01-4b03-918d-73395c323b7f

Young, A., Hunt, R., & McLaughlin, H. (2007).

Exploring models of D/deaf service user involvement in translating quality standards into local practice. Social Work and Social Sciences Review, 12(3), 25-39. . Publication link: ba4d119a-1473-4338-b2a3-fff316ce999d


Belk, R. A., Stephens, D. (Ed.), & Jones, L. (Ed.) (2006).

Seeing chromosomes: improving access to culturally-sensitive genetic counselling through the provision of genetic information in British Sign Language. In he Effects of Genetic Hearing Impairment in the Family.. (First ed., pp. 285-295). London: Wiley. . Publication link: 36af8257-33dc-4a44-a786-847ab098cbec

Carr, G., Young, A. M., Hall, A. M., Hunt, R., Mccracken, W., Skipp, A., & Tattersall, H. J. (2006).

Helping you choose: making informed choices for you and your deaf child. (Early Support). London: DfES.. Publication link: b342e03d-3760-4aac-ba1e-df209783f89f

Tattersall, H., & Young, A. (2006).

Deaf children identified through newborn hearing screening: Parents' experiences of the diagnostic process. Child: Care, Health and Development, 32(1), 33-45. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2006.00596.x. Publication link: eb744f2e-861c-4502-abe8-62b6ca900ff4

Young, A. M., Newton, V. (Ed.), & Valley, P. (Ed.) (2006).

The experience of deafness - psychosocial effects. In In: Infection and Hearing Impairment. Wiley. . Publication link: f08d2c8d-c956-45aa-9d27-a2420f5e9e83

Young, A. M., Temple, B., Davis, A. C., Parkinson, G., Davies, L., Bolton, J. E., ... Milborrow, W. (2006).

Early Support: An evaluation of Phase 3 of Early Support Report for DfES. (DfES). Department Of Goverment.. Publication link: cf1b7c08-baf8-4744-85d6-10a60da7ab37

Young, A., Carr, G., Hunt, R., McCracken, W., Skipp, A., & Tattersall, H. (2006).

Informed choice and deaf children: Underpinning concepts and enduring challenges. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 11(3), 322-336. DOI: 10.1093/deafed/enj041. Publication link: 178dd926-3fe2-4a6d-8ca7-ee072779b112


Bamford, J. M., Uus, K., Young, A. M., Ankjell, H., Crockett, R., Marteau, T., ... Taylor, R. (2005).

Report of the Evaluation of the First Phase of the Implementation of the NHSP. (Department of Health). No publisher name.. Publication link: bc71a8fd-b6f4-4503-92e2-45f57c97a457

Bamford, J., Ankjell, H., Crockett, R., Marteau, T., Mccracken, W., Parker, D., ... Young, A. (2005).

Evaluation of the newborn hearing screening programme in England: Studies, results and recommendations. (Report to DoH and National Screening Committee). No publisher name.. Publication link: 08443084-3782-4298-9fbb-5c250424785a

Mccracken, W., Young, A., Tattersall, H., Uus, K., & Bamford, J. (2005).

The impact of the national newborn hearing screening programme on educational services in England. Deafness and Education International, 7(4), 179-194. DOI: 10.1002/dei.11. Publication link: 9f0d8478-01d5-4383-931a-b632b0b0520c

Uus, K., Bamford, J., Young, A., & McCracken, W. (2005).

Readiness of paediatric audiology services for newborn hearing screening: Findings and implications from the programme in England. International Journal of Audiology, 44(12), 712-720. DOI: 10.1080/14992020500271761. Publication link: cb1c91d9-642f-48e6-b01b-18c8077d3301

Young, A. M. (2005).

Evaluative accounts of the process and practice of screening - parents of true cases share their experience. In A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification III.. Publication link: 68557c02-bcf0-4c33-9ce1-ecd401a20fbe

Young, A., & Tattersall, H. (2005).

Parents' of deaf children evaluative accounts of the process and practice of universal newborn hearing screening. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 10(2), 134-145. DOI: 10.1093/deafed/eni014. Publication link: d5d08846-95db-40a9-98cd-7617ae50198b

Young, A., Jones, D., Starmer, C., & Sutherland, H. (2005).

Issues and dilemmas in the production of standard information for parents of young deaf children - Parents' views. Deafness and Education International, 7(2), 63-76. DOI: 10.1002/dei.27. Publication link: 782bab69-db3e-416d-ad4b-d381633d6cec

Young, A., McCraken, W., Tattersall, H., & Bamford, J. (2005).

Interprofessional working in the context of newborn hearing screening: Education and Social Services compare challenges. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 19(4), 386-395. DOI: 10.1080/13561820500165019. Publication link: 208ae456-20b3-4f8e-86fa-dba6915aafed


McLaughlin, H., Brown, D., & Young, A. M. (2004).

Consultation, community and empowerment - lessons from the Deaf community. The Journal of Social Work, 4 (2), 153-166. DOI: 10.1177/1468017304044859. Publication link: 8f509fb6-a72b-40ef-9511-7fc73f568096

Temple, B., & Young, A. M. (2004).

Qualitative research and translation dilemmas. Qualitative Research, 4 (2). DOI: 10.1177/1468794104044430. Publication link: 78d72f9e-a3f7-463b-9a52-23c8b504e65f

Young, A. M. (2004).

Edge of Change: A development and research project about the implementation of best practice standards in social work with Deaf and hard of hearing adults. No publisher name.. Publication link: 558fc835-d875-4234-8ff8-52acb7a159b2

Young, A. M. (2004).

Issues and dliemmas in the production of standard information materials for parents of young deaf children - parents' views.Deafness and Education International. . Publication link: ec595568-f321-47df-99cc-33767c8c8886

Young, A. M., Hunt, R., Loosemore-Reppen, G., McLaughlin, H., & Baron, S. M. (2004).

A profile of 15 social work services with deaf and hard of hearing people in England. Research Policy and Planning, 22 (1). . Publication link: 0256bc3b-cbda-4964-8bfa-94aecf479f69

Young, A. M., Tattersall, H. J., Uus, K., Bamford, J. M., & McCracken, W. M. (2004).

To what extent do the characteristics of the object of evaluation influence the choice of epistemological framework? The case of newborn hearing screening. Qualitative Health Research, 14 (6). . Publication link: 57c939af-d7f2-4e5e-98fb-f28a5c30d4c3


Young, A. M. (2003).

Parenting and Deaf Children - A psycho-social literature based framework. In Parenting and Deaf Children - A psycho-social literature based framework.. London: National Deaf Children's Society. . Publication link: c5781bdb-1fc1-41e4-ae23-71e07b7f94cf

Young, A. M. (2003).

Parenting and deaf children - report of the needs assessment study. London: National Deaf Children's Society.. Publication link: 14da529f-ac4e-4b9e-850f-d9b150d827a1

Young, A. M., & Gallaway, C. (2003).

Deafness and Education in the UK: Research Perspectives. (Deafness and Education in the UK: Research Perspectives.). London: Whurr Publishers.. Publication link: eddc4bb8-ff49-4487-ac18-580b628be66c

Young, A. M., Sutherland, H., & Griggs, M. (2003).

Deaf adult role models in family intervention services. In C. Gallaway, A.M. Young (Eds) (2003) Deafness and Education in the UK: Research Perspectives.. Whurr Publishers. . Publication link: 39a5954b-1b93-4d2e-9c9d-abcc7caf9eb7

Young, A. M., Sutherland, H., & Starmer, C. (2003).

Report of parents' evalaution of the standard information materials for parents of deaf children produced by NDCS within the ESPP framework. No publisher name.. Publication link: aa517f21-f951-4e85-b7f9-4283ce828a44

Young, A. M., Tattersall, H. J., Uus, K., Bamford, J. M., & Mccracken, W. (2003).

Universal newborn hearing screening - issues in the design of a true case study.Australian Journal of the Education of the Deaf, 9. . Publication link: 421c47ca-0798-49f2-a7df-dd608d84c132


Young, A. M. (2002).

Parents of deaf children - factors affecting communication choice in the first year of life.Deafness and Education International, 4 (1). . Publication link: 301e0831-1b98-49f1-8a68-9c9afafff849

Young, A. M., & Huntington, A. (2002).

An introduction to the Children Act 1989 and implications for professionals working with deaf children 0-2.Unknown Journal. . Publication link: 27671f3e-8bdb-4e0b-8d3a-c652b029fba7

Young, A. M., Ackerman, J., & Kyle, J. G. (2002).

Looking On: Deaf People and the Organisation of Services. In Looking On: Deaf People and the Organisation of Services (2nd Ed). (Vol. 2nd Edition). Bristol. . Publication link: d8b35332-8d1b-4558-bdda-17c8966f3450


Young, A. M. (2001).

Parent, professional and ethical issues in the implementation of UNHS - lessons from ongoing developments in the USA. No publisher name.. Publication link: 0f00fd17-6937-49ea-98d1-c7577c70c918

Young, A. M., & Ackerman, J. (2001).

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Parents' experience of universal neonatal hearing screening: a critical review of the literature and its implications for the implementation of new UNHS programs.Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 6 (3). . Publication link: 999f7bc8-4a6e-47b5-aa41-9571c6eb54e6

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Wie lasst sich ein gebarden-sprachlices Umfeld schaffen? Sichtweiser Gehorloser und Horender.Das Zeichen, 58. . Publication link: abeae994-9103-4ef3-9912-e8e386369eb2

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Forensic referrals to the three specialist psychiatric units for deaf people in the UK. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry, 12(1), 19-35. DOI: 10.1080/09585180122591. Publication link: b0e455c1-cd31-47be-8d64-818ec83e2b53


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Disabled and deaf people's access to employment in the city of Derby. No publisher name.. Publication link: 996a3c8a-a25d-4304-8663-f8323051b591

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Deaf adult role models in the UK. Research Bulletin, Rochester Institute of Technology.. . Publication link: 9eb33678-be88-4b5a-a497-21b9063c81cb

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Young, A., & Canavan, F. (1999).

A parent's response to Alys Young's article: The impact of a cultural-linguistic model of deafness on hearing parents' adjustment to a deaf child. Journal of Social Work Practice, 13(2), 172-X2. . Publication link: e0a6fce6-7bcc-4d80-bafc-415b6e2be1a3


Young, A. M., Ackerman, J., & Kyle, J. G. (1998).

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Bilingual bicultural workshops for hearing families. In In: G. Zaitseva, A. Komorova, D. Pursglove (Eds) Deaf Children and Bilimgual Education... Publication link: cb35835f-e00d-4708-a503-f04c58b9c5be


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Young, A. M. (1996).

Auf dem Weg zu einem bilingualen, bikulturellan Ansatz in der Familie. Das Zeichen, 37. . Publication link: 02b7d6eb-a589-4fa1-b728-9a6600c7480e

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Young, A. M. (1994).

Deaf Studies in Europe. Unknown Journal. . Publication link: b300ea36-bdcb-4c08-8866-1b77cb4007e9