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Supportive and Palliative Care research group: people

Below is a list of research staff working in the field of supportive and palliative care.

NameJob titleEmail address
Lynn Austin  Research Associate 
Sorrel Burden  Research Fellow 
Ann Caress  Professor of Nursing 
Mary Cooke  Lecturer in Critical/Emergency Care 
Linda Davies  Professor of Health Economics 
Janet Diffin  Research Associate 
Graeme Donald Lecturer in Adult Nursing 
Laurie Dunn  Research Assistant 
Carole Farrell Nurse and AHP Research Fellow
Valerie Featherstone Research Associate
Debbie Gibson  Nutrition Research Assistant 
Gunn Grande  Professor of Palliative Care 
Jane Griffiths  Senior Lecturer 
Katrina Lavelle  Research Fellow 
Karen Luker  Professor of Community Nursing 
Anne Lydon  Honorary Teaching Fellow 
Maurice Nagington  Lecturer 
Diane Roberts  Research Associate 
Dai Roberts  Honorary Research Fellow 
Christine Rowland Research Associate
Vanessa Taylor  Senior Lecturer in Nursing 
Chris Todd  Professor of Primary Care and Community Health 
June Warden  Research Associate 
Lihua Wu  Lecturer 
Janelle Yorke  Senior Lecturer