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Population health and ecosystems

This domain aims to understand how biology, behaviours, policies and environments interact. It will generate new possibilities for citizen-led, clinical and civic interventions in health, wellbeing and ecosystems.

The domain will link with the population health and implementation domain of the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC). It will employ a richness of disciplines and methodologies, embedded in populations, to uncover the useful complexity of interventions and address internationally important problems, especially where evidence is sparse.

The devolution of decision-making powers from central government to Greater Manchester Combined Authority will integrate the domain with a world-leading system of research, implementation and public involvement (Health Innovation Manchester). It will drive the exploration of new frontiers of health and social care, wellbeing and ecosystems in data-responsive societies.

This will result in rapid cycles of research and implementation which will build a powerful 'learning system'.

The domain will operate at a pace and scale that is beyond the means of individual groups or disciplines, enabling our staff to access and influence greater resources.