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Artificial vision and image analysis

Artificial vision and image analysis

Artificial vision and image analysis

Computing power and imaging capabilities have been developing at astonishing rates in recent years and combining advances in these two areas can yield exciting new prospects and expose new frontiers of discovery. 

Manchester has a rich and diverse programme of exploration in this field with key areas of research:

  • Studying human colour vision applying psychophysics and computational analysis with hyperspectral images of natural scenes.
  • Applying image processing, machine learning and mathematical modelling techniques to modern ophthalmic imaging to provide objective biomarkers, stratify clinical disease and aid in management decisions.
  • Image processing and recognition techniques including deep learning for a variety of image analysis tasks such as texture modelling, segmentation, face recognition, facial expression.
  • Deep learning to classify density in mammograms to study risk factors in the development of breast cancer.
  • Gene Therapy for retinal degeneration.

Principal investigators

Kinjiro Amano

Tariq Aslam

Paul Bishop

David Foster

Johan Hulleman

Hujun Yin