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Translational neuroscience

Our key focus within translational neuroscience is to understand the fundamental mechanisms by which the brain works, and how brain function is affected by:

  • neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism; 
  • neurological disease, such as dementia, epilepsy and stroke;
  • mental illness, such as schizophrenia and psychosis.

Through this research, we aim to expand our knowledge of the brain and translate this new knowledge to improve human health.

Translational neuroscience covers a wide breadth of research with multiple experimental approaches, largely based within the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.

Our translational neuroscience research benefits from expertise in neuroimaging and access to human brain tissues through the Manchester Brain Bank.

Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre

The Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre (GJBRC) is an exciting new partnership between The University of Manchester, Northern Care Alliance and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre.

The overall mission of the GJBRC is to combine outstanding discovery science and experimental medicine to rapidly translate neuroscience research into new treatments and interventions.

These interventions will ultimately provide better outcomes and transform the lives of patients with neurological disease, with a focus on stroke and brain tumours.

Please look out for further announcements and information on the GJBRC, including a dedicated website and details of a formal launch event, early in 2021.