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Manchester Brain Bank tariff

In line with a sustainable future for brain banking, the Medical Research Council and associated charities have introduced a cost recovery scheme for the provision of tissue.

The tariff has been standardised and is being implemented across the UK Brain Bank Network, of which Manchester Brain Bank is a member.

Type of sample Cost (£)
Academic institutions Commercial users
Unstained paraffin section/slide  5  10
Unstained frozen section/slide  15  30
Frozen tissue sample  25  50
Sections from wet formalin fixed tissue  25  50
DNA/RNA samples of brain homogenates  25  50
Tissue homogenates  25  50
Fresh tissue samples  25  50
CSF  25  50
Paraffin block  50  100
Administrative costs (priced in increments) 20-50  100
Packaging  10-20  40
Delivery  variable  variable
Retrieval of additional data from clinical notes (simple/complex requests)  25/50  50/100

If you have any questions, please contact the Manchester Brain Bank Manager (