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Neuro-immunology: case study

Brain attack: determining the role of neuroinflammation in stroke

Principal investigators:
Professor Stuart Allan
Dr David Brough

Driven by basic science at the University and clinical academics at Salford Royal Foundation NHS Trust, we aim to understand the impact of systemic and local inflammation on progression and outcome of acute cerebrovascular disease such as ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke.

This interaction allows us to deliver transformative research and to investigate the following highlight areas:

  • the impact of chronic inflammatory disease on patient outcome after an acute cerebrovascular event;
  • the effects of immune interventions on brain injury and repair in people and animal models;
  • inflammatory pathways contributing to tissue injury;
  • the influence of matrix changes on inflammatory and vascular responses;
  • the temporal and cellular profile of immune changes in the brain during disease;
  • the link between post-stroke depression and altered immune homeostasis;
  • how brain injury impacts upon peripheral immune cell function and increases susceptibility to infection.

Our iterative research approach between the lab and the clinic, with access to patient samples, allows unique opportunities to make new insights into disease processes and to develop new therapies.