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Researching lung immunity.

Infection, immunity, inflammation and repair

This domain spans basic, clinical and translational innovation at the interface of infection, immunity, inflammation and repair.

The domain focuses on:

  • the molecular mechanisms of immune health and how it is perturbed in disease;
  • the influence of underlying genetics and infectious, non-infectious and auto-reactive stimuli;
  • the consequences of aberrant repair;
  • the interaction of immunity with matrix, metabolites and the nervous system;
  • the development of novel therapeutics and vaccines and state-of-the-art delivery systems to combat global diseases affecting high, middle and low income countries;
  • the use of epidemiological approaches to understand complex disease mechanisms;
  • discoveries in the initiation and treatment of complex wounds.

Within the domain the following areas of research strength have been identified:

In collaboration with the inflammation and repair domain of MAHSC we will improve the treatment, management and care of patients with inflammatory disease. Forming close partnerships with the University Hospital of South Manchester, Salford Royal and Manchester Royal Infirmary will ensure collaborative research on well characterised patient cohorts bringing discoveries from the laboratory bench to the bedside, and vice versa.

Allied centres of excellence