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Researcher pipetting into aliquots.

Cellular and developmental systems

This domain is concerned with processes that are fundamental to our understanding of life.

We seek to understand how basic cell and developmental biology processes such as cell differentiation, cell division and cell movements are achieved.

We also look at how they are affected by cell-cell signalling and cell matrix interactions (Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research), and how they are coordinated in space and time to make and maintain a complex multicellular organism.

In most, if not all cases, disease is caused by cellular dysfunction. Consequently, our ability to treat disease has, and will continue to be, greatly enhanced by understanding how alterations affect cells, their behaviour and their interactions. 

Investigating the fundamental mechanisms underlying normal cell function and development offers a route to understand how their failure can lead to disease and to discover novel therapeutic strategies for regeneration. 

Similarly, the study of the cellular basis of human disease can provide fundamental insights into the principles of cellular and developmental systems.