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Presentation opportunities

From annual poster showcases to monthly seminar series, there are several opportunities to present your research within your School, Division or programme.

We are currently in the process of updating this webpage with up-to-date information for our PGRs.

University and Faculty events

University and Faculty events are open to all students to present their work. Many of the division events are also open to all students - within each division, there are designated contacts who can provide you with more information.

Annual events

University events

Manchester Doctoral College (MDC) PGR Showcase          

(Posters/other media – open to all PGR students)

Contact: Lorna Jones ( 

BBSRC/MRC DTP Conference

(Talks - 3rd years; Posters - 2nd years)


Faculty events

Doctoral Academy Graduate Society (DAGS) conference

(Talks and posters – open to all PGRs)

Contact: DAGS conference organising committee (

School of Biological Sciences

Annual School Event

School of Biological Sciences (SBS) Annual Event - TBC

Division of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Divisional Showcases are held every 12-18 months.

These are coordinated by the Division PGR Reps to reflect student preferences. Recent events, in Nov 2017 and April 2019, included elevator pitches from 1st and final year students and posters from 2nd/3rd years.

Contact: Caroline Milner (

Other events

Students across all years can present talks at informal events that are organised on a regular basis by PhD students/PDRAs.

Division of Infection, Immunity & Respiratory Medicine

PGR showcases

First one was held in April 2017. For further information please contact the divisional senior tutor.


Division of Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology

Several groupings run seminars or journal clubs at which PhD students can present. The majority of students are associated with one or more of these. Usually students beyond 1st year present, but some provide opportunities for 1st years to present PhD plans.

There is also a dedicated peer-to-peer PhD student seminar series, chaired by post-docs and aimed primarily at 1st and 2nd year students.


General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Gorana Pobric (

School of Medical Sciences

Annual School Event

School of Medical Sciences (SMS) Annual Event

There are places for up to 100 posters, spread across all 6 divisions.

Division of Cardiovascular Sciences

DCVS Showcase event - 18 May 2020
Second year students are required to present a poster and final year students give an oral presentation at the annual Showcase event.

Cardiovascular Seminar Series – weekly 1-2 pm in AV Hill 1.006

First year students are required to give a short work in progress presentation as part of the seminar series. Opportunities are available to second and final year students to present their work.

British Cardiovascular Society Annual meeting - 1-3 June 2020

Annual cardiovascular conference with the opportunity for PGR students to present a poster. Abstracts selected for the Young Investigator award are given as an oral presentation.

BHF 4-year PhD student conference

Annual conference for students supported by the British Heart Foundation. 2020 date TBC

General contact
Senior PGR Tutor: Nick Ashton (

Division of Dentistry

Division of Dentistry Postgraduate Summer Showcase - End of June

Students present a poster or give an oral presentation to staff and students.
There are prizes for the best poster and the best oral presentation.

Lab Talks and informal presentations to supervisors - Ad-hoc basis

Students are actively encouraged to present their work to colleagues both formally and informally. The frequency of presentations vary based on research group, for more information please talk to supervisors.

International Association for Dental Research Conference

IADR is the biggest dental conference in the world and all PGR students are encouraged to attend and present their work at least once within their studies. The conference provides excellent networking opportunities for students. The Division of Dentistry runs a competition each year for best research abstract and the student who wins receives full funding to attend the meeting. The conference is usually well attended by staff from the Division. 

Senior PGR Tutor: Lucy O’Malley (
PGR Tutor: Michaela Goodwin: (

Division of Developmental Biology and Medicine

Domain events

Domains and sub-domains of Cellular and Developmental Systems and Evolution, Systems and Genomics seminar series.

3rd and 4th year students present.

Opportunities also exist for 1st and 2nd year students in weekly research groups and associated Regenerative Medicine Group.

The Department of Maternal and Fetal Health runs a weekly Works in Progress meeting for all students throughout their programme. Smaller themed groups meet weekly or monthly, focused on many aspects of pregnancy and paediatric health.

General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Ian Crocker (

Division of Medical Education


CHSTM PGR students run a workshop seminar series (weekly during term time) where they all present work in progress at least once a year.

Postgraduate conferences sponsored, for example, by the British Society for the History of Science or the Society for Social History of Medicine.

Academic conferences, both large meetings held by learned societies and smaller, themed, workshop type conferences. What these are can vary according to subfield and dissertation project.

There are no Division-wide PGR seminar series.

General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Carsten Timmermann (

School of Health Sciences

Division of Human Communication, Development and Hearing

Students are offered the opportunity to present their research each year as part of the divisional Seminar Series (approximately fortnightly throughout the year).

In addition, some groupings run lab meetings or journal clubs at which PhD students can present and/or discuss their research.

PGR Research Conference

This one-day conference will take place annually, with the aim of showcasing the excellent research produced by PGR students within the Divisions of Psychology & Mental Health and Human Communication, Development and Hearing, including PhD students, audiological scientists, and trainee clinical psychologists.

If you are a PGR student within these divisions, and are interested in presenting at this event, please contact Wai Kan (

General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Antje Heinrich (

Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Sciences

IIDS Division symposium - January/February

This is for all students across the division. 

General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Rainer Hinz (
PGR Tutor: Glen Martin (

Division of Nursing Midwifery and Social Work

Monthly PhD student seminars, Division seminars and research group meetings offer students opportunities to present their work in progress. All 1st year students present to their peers but there are further opportunities for 2nd and 3rd year students to do so.

Annual Showcase – June

For Year 2 and 3 PhD students to present their research. There are slots available for both posters and oral presentations.

General contact

Senior PGR Tutor: Stephen Hicks (

Division of Pharmacy and Optometry

There are opportunities for PGRs in Pharmacy and Optometry to present at the Divisional Showcase (late September). This is mandatory for both first years, who present oral presentations, and for second years who present posters. Third years are welcome to present if there is space.

There are also opportunities to present during research group meetings.