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Forms for postgraduate research students

These are the forms you will need if you wish to request a change of circumstance during your postgraduate research programme.

Please refer to the PGR Code of Practice for policies relating to changes to degrees, including the Change of Circumstances Policy (PDF) and associated procedural documents.

Please ensure you consider any implications for funding or visas as a result of any change request. Please contact the Doctoral Academy for advice prior to submission if required.

All change of circumstances requests will require the approval of the Supervisor and Senior Division Tutor before submission. Some requests will be passed to the Faculty Research Degrees Panel for review/approval (in particular extensions to programme related to COVID).


Extension to programme requests are only to request further time to undertake research. PGRs will be contacted by the Doctoral Academy when approaching their programme end date to confirm whether they wish to enter the submission pending period (if applicable).

PGRs on 1-year, 2-year, 3-year or 3.5-year programmes are entitled to enter a period of submission pending for writing and finalising their thesis (for funded PGRs this does not include continued stipend payments). 

If you are experiencing difficulty downloading the below forms, we recommend trying to download them again in a different browser.