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Get involved in community engagement

You can get involved with our engagement and involvement activities in a number of ways.

The engagement and involvement of patients and members of the public in research, teaching and learning is central to our work.

Involving a range of different people provides opportunities for unique, valuable insights, and can lead to more effective, creative and meaningful ways of working for the benefit of everyone involved.

Why get involved

  • Use your experience as a patient, service user or carer to help train the next generation of medical and health professionals.
  • Help researchers make scientific discoveries which advance our knowledge of biology, medicine and health.
  • Learn more about the science of biology, medicine and health and how it affects your everyday life.

How you can be involved

If you're a member of the public, you can become a Faculty Public Contributor and help us to actively involve patients/carers and service users in our research and teaching and learning. Examples include:

  • being part of a research user group;
  • being asked to review grant proposals/research methods;
  • disseminating the results of research to academic, professional and non-professional communities;
  • taking part in a research study as a research participant;
  • giving advice about course development;
  • helping us to co-teach lectures and bring a service user's point of view to our teaching;
  • providing service user representation on curriculum committees;
  • being involved in the recruitment of students and assessment of student's clinical skills.

Find out more about our current engagement activities or get in touch with us for further information or to request a copy of our monthly email newsletter.

You can also attend any of the public events that we hold for communities throughout the year.