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We’re working with NHS Blood and Transplant to encourage staff and students at the University to donate blood.

With 6,000 units of blood needed each day in the UK, the demand for new blood donors is high and our campaign is helping to raise awareness of this need and urge group appointments to donate blood at the Plymouth Grove donation centre in Manchester, just a short walk from the University campus.

Part of the Faculty's social responsibility strategy, the project aims to strengthen links with the local blood donor centre, allowing staff and students to make a difference.

On 8 December 2016, we hosted an event called Know Your Type, where staff and students could find out their blood type and register as a donor.

Neil Simms from NHS Blood and Transplant commented on the success of the campaign so far:

"It has been great to see so much interest amongst the students and staff members in registering to become a blood donor and the response blew us away really, it exceeded our expectations."

"We are looking forward to welcoming those who enrolled as donors to our blood donor centre at Plymouth Grove in the coming weeks, ready to roll their sleeves up and become life savers!"

Leading the campaign is Dr David Allison, Director of Social Responsibility for the School of Health Sciences. He commented:

"There has been a truly phenomenal response to the blood donor campaign from staff and students which made us feel so proud of what The University of Manchester can do as an organisation that can touch and affect everyone’s lives."

If you are eligible to give blood, why not make an appointment?

Further details of how to attend on your own or as a group are at the #SOMEBODYSTYPE website.

Card for #somebodystype blood donation campaign at The University of Manchester
A #somebodystype pledge card, part of our blood donation campaign at The University of Manchester.
NHS Blood and Transplant staff at a blood donation event at The University of Manchester.
NHS Blood and Transplant staff at the Know Your Type event at The University of Manchester.